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Friday, February 05, 2010

Shout Outs!

I need to get the bit of promo for "The Word" app that airs at the end of the Colbert Report to put on my website. It's the second one where Stephen points to and says the phrase, 'A Perfect World'. Happens to be the name of my comic and the domain name:

Why dot org? When I bought the domain name the dot com version was being used by a male enhancement company. is a MMORG. has nothing on it.

I subscribe to UUpdates feed. Below a list of individual blogs on UUpdates that I always read (no particular order):
Thank you to each of you for sharing your thoughts.

I felt like making some recommendations since we all have a limited amount of time. I feel the above blogs are a good use of my limited blog reading time.

Looking over the list I notice a majority use Blogger and hosted by I use Blogger and this blog is hosted by I wonder if my list would be different if I used WordPress or a different platform?

Why I don't read your UU blog?
  • Congregation specific (nothing wrong with that.)
  • Read entries that grab my attention but not a regular reader
  • Location specific
  • Just not interested in the topic
Lack of quality is not a reason.

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