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Sunday, March 28, 2004

This week I ran 10.19 miles and burned 1438.6 calories. Weight: 167.4.

This was a busy weekend. Took Daisy to the vet to have her ears checked. We want to cure this ear problem once and for all. Attended AggieCon and gained a boost of self-esteem. Spandex is a privilege not a right. Modesty is a good thing.

I had an attack of insomnia Saturday. I did not go to bed until 5:00 am and did not actually sleep until 6:00 am. Woke up at 8:00 am. I took a nap after church. I hope that will reset things.

While awake, I watched a lot of television and listened to Harley snore. I watched all four episodes of an SS documentary on the History Channel (aka The Nazi Channel). It made the same general point that all documentaries about the Third Reich make, the Nazis were evil and methological. I watched the last 45 minutes of A League of Their Own, 15 minutes of Trading Places, an hour of a documentary about a carving from Easter Island, an half hour of a documentary about a second hand clothing dealer named Luka from Zambia. I admired Luka for being able to count his blessings in the midst of his struggle to earn a living for his family. I pray that Luka will receive more blessings. I watched half a documentary about Lustron, a man had a brilliant idea, formed a company and that company was destroyed from under him by political corruption, greed and stupidity. The 2000 Lustron homes that were built in the United States are still standing. The whole thing was quite Dilbertesque.

I'm glad I have a selection of channels. Most of the channels had gone to infomercial but there were sufficient hold outs to keep me stimulated.

Here is a link to the documentary about Lustron Homes


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Somebody forgot to warn me about this; today was morons who cannot rack their weights day at the gym. This comes about once a month. There were dumbbells, barbells and plates all over the place. I racked a few of the dumbbells. There are signs all over the facility that say, RACK YOUR WEIGHTS. Some moron left a set of dumbbells two feet from the rack. Another moron left a dumbbell across the facility. I racked that one because I needed it later. I also completed the extra two feet for the moron and racked a set of 22.5 pound dumbbells.

The tards who could not read signs, observe behavior or grasp the concept of putting stuff back where you found it were not in the gym when I was there. Like a blackhole, the only evidence of their existence was the stuff all around. I feel sorry the customer service person who is going to have to rack all those plates. Maybe some of the other regulars will rack the weights that they are capable of lifting.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The "Right to Life" people are on campus with their display of "Genocide Photos". Maybe in the back of their head they get off on these photos.

I don't know why these people bother me. Maybe it is the lack of interest in those who have already been born. Maybe it is the opposition to sex education and easy access to birth control despite the fact that would help achieve their objective. Maybe it is the habit of talking women into carrying the pregnancy to term but will not provide support, even vote for cutting social programs that would help these women keep the child. So few of these people are willing to adopt the children that they saved. I just think the energy and passion can be better used.

Abortion is not a great thing but it should be available as a last resort when birth control fails or when the mother or child will suffer terribly.

Maybe the whole thing is not about saving the unborn but about punishing women for having sex. How dare a woman avoid the consequences of sex.

I just think the world could be a better place if the energy and passion of the right to life people were directed toward eliminating poverty and ignorance.


Saturday, March 20, 2004

This week ran 15.4 miles and burned 1939.3 calories. It was Spring Break, I had more time to run. Weight averaged out to 167.3.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I now own the cleanest bathroom in the neighborhood.

I was not mad at anyone, I was mad at the dirt. That is a corrpution of a quote from one of the funniest movies of all time, Mommie Dearest. The fact that I just made that statement is one of the many reasons I had my tubes tied. Joan Crawford is my parenting role model.

Harley is visiting a friend. Daisy and Rusty are enjoying the nice weather. Daisy will be going to the vet to have her ears checked out. Daisy is enjoying Rusty's company. A nice old couple.

Tomorrow, we are having a garage sale. We are trying to exchange crap for cash.

I just love Spring Break. I love working for a university.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

What would Jesus do?

He wouldn't steal bandwidth.

I don't mind people using my clip art on message boards, blogs and online journals without downloading the art to their own hard drive. I understand that the software for these things is not geared for uploading images.

Lately, I've come across a fair number of websites (most web hosts allow for image upload) using my clip art without downloading to their own hard drive. Sadly, the majority of these sites are owned by people proclaiming themselves as Christians. Not only are they stealing my bandwidth, they don't even have the courtesy to include credit. in tiny letters is fine. That is what Jesus would do.

This image

has been quite popular lately. I often see it used as a background image.

It is a great image for conveying what Jesus went through to redeem mankind but it is not a good image to use as a background. Especially, with black text. One site faded the image (somehow it is still linked to my server!?!) and that helped and it was a nice effect.

I just hate to be partly responsible for the proliferation of aesthetically unpleasing sites.

It would be nice if people clicked on the button below, once in a while. Despite the kvetching above, I have really liberal clip art usage policies (otherwise I would have altered the images to sabotage those stealing my bandwidth) and unlike most clip art sites, I don't place a lot of advertsing all over the place and I don't have a bunch of voting windows pop up. I like to draw and I want people to get to the clip art quickly.

If you have benefitted from my clip art consider throwing a dollar or two into my paypal account. Thanks.

Harley is at work with me today. He is very well behaved and the ladies are petting him. He is sitting next to my chair looking at me with his big brown eyes. i can't resist petting him, so I'm typing with one hand and using the mouse with my left hand. That sort of thing helps build new neural pathways and keeps the brain from rotting through disuse.

Today is a half day. Then a nice four day weekend for Spring Break. The campus is quiet and the road crews are trying to cram a lot of work this week while there is less traffic.

The weather is beautiful today. Last night was quite a light show. The lightning was striking so often that the sky looked like a strobe light. The weatherman mentioned our street was in the most intense part of the storm.

Everyone and everything held up.

Whoever said that pets in the workplace increases productivity, did not do those studies with my dogs. I am more relaxed and forced to take more short breaks to take care of Harley's needs, maybe that is what increases productivity and reduces stress.

Listening to Radioio BEAT

Those of you who are using my clip art on message boards and on your blogs, how about dropping a buck into my PayPal account? You can find it on my home page and on the clip art home page. Thanks.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Here is a blast from the past. This a cartoon I drew in 1999 depicting a 10K race. I implied that sort of thing is not fun and that people who do it are crazy.

My how my attitude has changed. I would consider a 10K a walk in the park. I'm going to run a local 5K race in May. I'm thinking about taking Harley along. Then again, I want to try to run this race fairly fast. I don't think Harley could handle a fast pace for any length of time.

Speaking of running. This week I ran 8.44 miles, burned 1148.5 calories and weight averaged out to 166.

Today, Walter and I went to an exhibit at the local Natural History Museum. Researchers from the Texas Bigfoot Research Center were there to answer questions. There was a small exhibit and a small gathering of field researchers. Each of these people have seen an actual bigfoot. Actually, the term is North American Ape. Most of the sightings in Texas occur in the Piney Woods region of east Texas.

The field people weirded me out. To understand the magnitude of that statement, I will tell you this: I am a Star Trek fan. I've been to several conventions. I've have painted my whole body green. I know weird when I see it.

We looked at some other exhibits at the museum. We looked at guns, reptiles, fish, mammoth and mastadon bones, Comanche artifacts, shrunken heads, a voodoo doll, a hand of glory, a mummy and other things.

It was the Bigfoot exhibit that brought us to the museum. It was not too bad for free admission. I would have been very disappointed if we had to pay.

I think the North American ape is simply a species that is dying out therefore hard to find.


Friday, March 12, 2004

The city I live in is ranked 94 of 114 (small cities) in terms of crime. The Chamber of Commerce is not going to like that. The cities are ranked from safest to least safe. Check out the study.

Surprisingly, the southern U.S. had the highest rate of crime.

I'm sure a sociologist knows the reasons for the crime rate in the southern U.S. If not, here is a study for a dissertation or thesis. Heck, it could even get grant money. Just be sure to send me a cut. I'm not asking much, just 15%. Call it a finder's fee.

I'm a one woman think tank.


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Walter has been cleaning out stuff and selling things on

My senior prom picture was found. The glass in the frame is broken so I need to take the picture out. It screams 1980's (the picture was taken in 1987). I had big hair. Big 80's hair. I'm thinking about scanning it to post and have fun with. I would protect the innocent bystander (a friend) by pixelating his face. Actually pixelation would be an improvement. He had a really, really great personality. I wonder what he is doing now?

Right now, Salvador is nesting in my hair. My not so big hair.

Somebody in the room has let loose a fart (SBD) and is refusing to claim responsibility. I didn't do it and Walter says he did not do it (We are mature adults that take responsibility for our smells) and it does not smell like a typical dog fart and I don't think cockatiels fart.

Listening to Salvador whistle a toon. Now the little bird has become protective of my mouse. I can't use it without having little bits of flesh ripped off. The mouse reminds him of an egg that he has to protect.

00000 (That was Salvador walking on the keyboard)1 Now I can use the mouse again.

My life is uninteresting but that is a blessing in terms of the famous Chinese curse.


Saturday, March 06, 2004

Bathed the dogs! Whew!

I did this after my workout. I did not want to shower until I was finished.

Harley was very uncooperative. Somehow he knew the filling tub was for him. It took two of us to bathe him.

Daisy was devious. She cooperated a bit better. She was cooperative while in the tub. Walter decided that I could handle her myself. He left the bathroom. That is when Daisy started being less cooperative. I had to call for help. After bathing Daisy and draining the tub, it looked like Chewbacca has used our bathtub. There was hair everywhere. We were amazed that a short hair dog could leave so much hair. Harley did not leave that much hair in the tub.

We discovered that neither dog cares for baths.

After the Bassets, I decided to work on Rusty's mats and give him a dry bath. Since this involves mostly brushing, he was most cooperative and appreciative. His coat looks a bit strange in places because of the mats that were cut off. He smells nice and looks great. He probably feels better getting the mats removed.

All the dogs smell nice and clean.

Everyone in the house smells nice and clean. Everyone had a bath whether we needed it or not.

All dogs got treats. All humans got a heck of a workout.


This week I ran 8.21 miles and burned 1109.9 calories. Weight averaged to 166.9.

I'm going to burn more calories washing the dogs. Yee haw!

Maybe this post will bump the two headed freak baby off the front page.


Friday, March 05, 2004

There are people who believe that Americans are stupid.

Here is some evidence supporting their hypothesis.

The letters are quite hilarious and can make you feel better about yourself. It is okay to be morally offended but one should be able to express outrage in a literate manner.

Instead of money going to the FCC, how about money going to education. The money would not go to schools but for tutors to visit the home of anyone that writes a letter poorly written as those on the Smoking Gun website. If people are going to have stupid ideas they should be able to express the ideas clearly and eloquently so that others may fully notice the stupidity of the idea rather than get distracted by the poor grammar of the writer.

I love the United States. I love a small percentage of her residents. The rest should kill themselves.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It looks like John Kerry is going to be the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States.

The good thing about John Kerry is that he is easy to caricature. My skills in that area are limited and I easily drew a John Kerry cartoon that looked like John Kerry. I'm surprised the National Cartoonists Society has not thrown their support behind Kerry. If he is elected, it would make the editorial cartoonists job easy as far as capturing a likeness.

John Kerry, senator, war hero, presidential candidate, human cartoon.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I was poking around the web for some information about the Electoral College to see if it is possible to get elected president of the United States despite not winning in a majority of states. It is possible.
Distribution of Electoral Votes

The number of electors per state is determined by number of Senators (always 2) plus number of Representatives (depends on state population). The popular vote determines which way a state's electors must vote. The winner of the electoral vote is determined by simple majority. 538 electoral votes are available, 270 are required in order to get elected president. Someone could become president of the United States by winning the popular vote in 11 states.

The lucky states are:

  1. California - 55 votes

  2. Florida - 27

  3. Georgia - 15

  4. Illinois - 21

  5. Michigan - 17

  6. New Jersey - 15

  7. New York - 31

  8. North Carolina - 15

  9. Ohio - 20

  10. Pennsylvania - 21

  11. Texas - 34

A total of 271 electoral votes. The delegates for the two major parties are pretty much divided in the same proportions as electoral votes. For the Democrats it takes the addition of Massachusetts to insure a nomination.

A focused and well-funded Independent could bypass the party system and win the election. Focus on the 11 states mentioned above and if there are extra funds and manpower focus on one or more of the following states as insurance: Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin (10 votes each); Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia (11 votes each); Massachusetts (12 votes).

Note the absence of Iowa and New Hampshire from the above lists.

Feel free to use the above campaign strategy.


I participated in early voting today. The polling place was close to work and I did not have to set foot in an elementary school. Not that setting foot in an elementary school would keep my from exercising my voting rights.

The county is using a new electronic voting machine. The interface looks like a huge PDA. It almost looks like a toy.

The only weird thing is a dial is used to navigate on the screen. A dial kind of like a rotary dial phone. Fortunately there was a poll worker there to explain that to me because I instinctually tried to use the screen as a touch pad (the poll worker moved my hand away) to put in my access code. The next thing I looked for was arrow buttons or keys. Then I looked for a number key pad. The next thing I would have done is treat the flat dial like the pad on a game controller. I would have discovered the dial thing when I tried to use it like a pad on a game controller.

This dial design is almost like a Dilbert gag. I can visualize the meeting in which this design was discussed.

Engineer: These arrow-shaped buttons allow the voter to navigate the on-screen ballot.
PHB: Arrow-shaped buttons have points and a voter could get hurt.
Engineer: The points are blunt. Nobody will get hurt.
PHB: Points are negative. How about a nice circle?
Engineer: Circles do not indicate direction.
PHB: Why don't you put in a steering wheel? Varoom varoom.
Engineer: There is no room on the machine for a steering wheel.
PHB: Why don't you put in a dial? It is circular and spins. That would be fun. Voting should be fun.
Engineer: Even in the state of Texas I'm not allowed to just shoot you. I quit.


Monday, March 01, 2004

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won 11 Oscars.

Woo Hoo! I've now have seen a best picture award winner in the theater.

Sure there were several endings, but the books had several endings.

A nice hearty fuck you to the stupid teenage cunt who talked through most of the movie. The bitch complained about the several endings as she was leaving. I asked her how the hell she would know about the endings since she talked throughout the movie. Yes, I had to give the clueless fuck the hairy eyeball several times but apparently the girl had some special needs, learning issues or something because the behavior would stop temporarily. This girl believed that if one stops an annoying behavior for 5 minutes the behavior becomes non-annoying when it is resumed. Even the stupid brat's companions told her to shut up. The tard just could not keep its mouth shut for any length of time.

It was a good movie and I enjoyed it despite the tard's best efforts. Hooray for surround sound.

Parenting lesson: Leave the tard at home. Everyone will be much happier.