Drivel that cannot fit in a single panel comic.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I walked 1,829 steps. I ran over 6 miles. I got a blister where my big toe joins the rest of my foot. First blister since I started training for this marathon.

I'm thinking about doing something about the ever increasing amount of gray hair on my head. I checked out the hair care section in the store and the selection was quite overwhelming. So I consulted people on a newsgroup that I frequent. So far people are suggesting that I go professional rather than a bottle. I've had it done professionally twice with good results. The problem is that I don't go to the salon very often and I like to keep my trips to the salon at a minimum. The salon is not a particularly negative place, it's just someplace I have to go every once in a while. Sort of like the DMV. I just try to tolerate the situation and be nice to the people that work there. It takes me two weeks to actually get a haircut after I've decided that I need a haircut. My hair is very unruly looking right now. It gets in my eyes and serves as a conduit for sweat when I run. Sweat in the eyes - what a great feeling.

At age 35 not only do I have a lot of gray hair, I also have a couple of zits. I'm too young for the amount of gray that I have and too old for the damn zits.

Goofy spam names:
Ugod Thang
implant Maritza
Cupid U. Besom
Lorna D. Chairman
Doctor S. Staggering

Just delete my account already!

Monday, November 29, 2004

I forgot to wear my pedometer. I ran 5.5 miles. It felt effortless.

(silence, internal debate, things better left unwritten)

Goofy spam names:
Success P. Redbreast
Recapitulate H. Inamorata
Pansy W. Vigil
Marquis I. Maldives
Moran C. Prosecute

The spammers address me by yet another name: Jean-Luc. I'm a big Star Trek: The Next Generation fan but how do the spammers know this? I'm a geek not French.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

This week I ran 30.68 miles, burned 3,521.2 calories and weigh 158 pounds.

Daisy is back with her original family. It is best thing for everyone.

For the first time in 13 years, there is not a dog in my life. Right now, I'm not ready for another dog. When the time is right, the right dog will come along.

The update schedule is going to be a bit sporadic in December. Radio MASH is next weekend. That is when it starts to feel like the holidays for me. Radio MASH is a local 100 hour toy drive. My friends from the U.S.S. Intangible have worked with this event since 1992. I'm taking that Friday off from work. I have a short 8 mile run on Saturday. The rest of the weekend will be dedicated to Radio MASH. MASH in this case stands for Make A Smile Happen. After a few meals and late nights in the army tents it begins to stand for Make A Smell Happen.

During the 4 days of Radio MASH we experience the full range of weather that central Texas has to offer. Hopefully, rain will not be part of the experience. Actually, weather is not an adequate term to describe the conditions at Radio MASH.

The weekend after that will be the big race, the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I'm ready to get this done.

Goofy spam names:
Cruciform K. Hoping
Loftily V. Opaque
Skyjacked J. Assurance
Scrub Q. Document
Graffias H. Infantile
Bathe U. Notoriously
Poinsettia K. Tibetan

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I walked 1,717 steps. I also ran over 6 miles.

Goofy spam names:
Cone H. Dished
Equivocations Q. Bullhorn

You will have to get your quota of boredom elsewhere for the next couple of days.

I walked 1,035 steps yesterday.

A thunderstorm came through last night therefore I did not turn on my computer and do an update. I'll take care of it this afternoon.

I have the afternoon off. I'll run 6 miles this afternoon in preparation for the overeating tomorrow. Actually, I might try a bit of moderation. At least rest between courses. I'm going to burn it all off on Saturday during my 16 mile run.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. Fried turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, broccoli/rice casserole, and football. I also look forward to spending some time with my family.

Things in no particular order that I'm thankful for:
1. Good health
2. Walter
3. All my basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, more than adequately met. I pray that everyone in the world could be blessed just as much.
4. A job that is not too stressful.
5. Pets
6. Family
7. A sound mind
8. Living in the United States with all the freedom and responsibilities that come with the privilege
9. Music, art, humor, the creative impulse
10. God and all creation in its glorious diversity
11. People willing to love and embrace me in all my glorious imperfection. People that see the good in me when I cannot or will not. People willing to forgive hurt, intentional or not, I've caused.

Okay, maybe there is a particular order. At least the order that these things came to mind but this list is not intended as a ranking. Feel free to judge my priorities and spiritual condition based on the order that these things came to mind. If it keeps you off the street and out of trouble then I can live with the judgment.

If you will be on the road tomorrow, slow down, be a bit more patient and we will all make it to our destination. I think our families would rather see us arrive late rather than not at all. Don't make a police officer deliver sad news on Thanksgiving. Just pull your head out of your ass and pay attention to the road and for once think about other people.

There are people that have to work on Thanksgiving, don't make their job more difficult by being a stupid asshole. Try for 24 hours not to be a stupid asshole. If you succeed, you might try longer stretches. It could change your life and improve the world.

Perhaps we could designate Thanksgiving, not only as a day of thanksgiving and gluttony but also as a day of not being a stupid asshole. Sort of like the Great American Smoke Out, except for stupid asshole behavior. Maybe the Friday after Thanksgiving would be a more appropriate day. The Great American Stop Being a Stupid Asshole Day. I like it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Last week I ran 30.10 miles, burned 3,558.6 calories and weigh 157.4 pounds.

I walked 1,592 steps.

Salvador is molting.

I will be posting two cartoons tonight to make up for the lack of an update last night. There will be no Thursday update because of Thanksgiving.

Goofy spam names:
Aces V. Victimization
Advertisers D. Wintering
Griffith U. Mudslides
Drag I. Creation

I did not do an update last night. I got home a bit late from my mother-in-law's house. She hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. The food was good. The visit was enjoyable and I hope I was not too much of an ass.

It is one thing to believe in and proclaim tolerance for other's idiosyncrasies but putting it into practice is a lot harder. Then again, they would be a lot less interesting without the idiosyncrasies.

I care about them. I hope things get better and that justice will be served.

I was a teenager once but I got better. I hope.

Friday, November 19, 2004

I walked 2,468 steps.

I'll list the goofy spam names tomorrow. I'm just doing a quick post while the order of service for Sunday is being printed.

I'll miss the service to enjoy an early Thanksgiving meal.

Printing is done.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I walked 2,841 steps.

I went to the Bonfire Memorial Dedication Ceremony. It was a nice ceremony. Rick Perry, the Governor spoke. I'll have to check out the memorial sometime. It was a beautiful day. The clouds cleared out by the time the ceremony started. I hope the 12 families that lost their sons and daughters were able to take a measure of comfort in the memorial and the outpouring of support from the Aggie family.

It has been five years since the accident. A stupid, stupid accident. What the hell were we doing anyway? We suddenly awoke and saw the absurdity of this tradition. It took the loss of 12 young people to wake us up. I enjoyed participating in the tradition but was hard pressed to explain it to an outsider. The whole thing seemed so ridiculous when trying to use words to describe it. After the accident, it became more difficult.

Our governor expressed hope that the bonfire tradition would come back to the Texas A&M campus. It is never coming back. The deaths made sure of that. A bonfire may burn on campus but it won't be the same. That tradition died with those 12 people. I say let it stay dead. I don't want to see it come back as a bastardized shadow of its former self. A shell of a tradition without the spirit.

I don't know the words to Texas, Our Texas.

Goofy spam names:
Overlord V. Skein
Garnishee R. Diadems
Freestyle H. Susie

Aggie Class of 1991, graduated December 1992.

The note from the mystery promotional notepad from two or three entries down is from LaQuinta. The name of the hotel chain was printed on the side of the notepad. The whole pad has a diagonal cut which displays the name of the hotel. The promotional item was designed as a whole and a single part cannot promote LaQuinta. Once a sheet is removed from the pad the La Quinta name is no longer visible. As sheets are removed the name will disappear. This is a very ineffective marketing gimmick.

I know I'm talking about LaQuinta and thus promoting the hotel chain but I'm only able to do that because the whole notepad was easily available to me. Yes, the note piqued my curiosity and now LaQuinta has embedded itself on to one of my neurons. If I receive another note from the same pad I now know that it is from LaQuinta.

What if the note was from a passing contact rather than someone that I contact daily? What if I could not satisfy my curiosity? The hunger for information would have eaten a tiny hole in my brain and tiny holes have a way of becoming larger over a lifetime. The tiny holes get together and eventually your brain just disappears. The barrage of ineffective and stupid marketing one receives over a lifetime is the real cause of Alzheimer's.

Dilbert is right. Marketing is the root of all evil.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I walked 1,535 steps.

I eat, sleep, work, run, draw and maintain my website. That is my life. Walter just read that over my shoulder and said, "Poor you, it sucks to be you." I am blessed.

I do other things but they are not worth mentioning.

Goofy spam names:
Slings F. Franz
Absurd U. Fringed
Numbers F. Hanna
Mainstays L. Sabling
Bedroll U. Licensed
Zealous L. Lily
Kuomintang S. Chart
Priestlier L. Mathematical
Wing L. Harder
Generosities G. Ministry

Several billion people would enjoy my life.

I walked 1,250 steps yesterday.

I took a half day off from work to purchase Walter's favorite meal and to clean up the house. Walter went to a friend's house to fix her computer. I had the friend call me when he left so that I can get the last minute things together.

Walter was surprised that I was home. He was even more surprised by the dinner and what I was wearing when I greeted him at the door. It was a black dress that he had not seen me wear in about 3 years. I hadn't worn the dress in about 3 years. It fits a bit loosely around the shoulders. I was surprised that I was able to find the shoes. I managed to wear the shoes without injuring myself. They are not the most comfortable shoes but I was not going to stand in, walk in or wear them for very long.

Walter enjoyed his birthday very much. I enjoyed making him happy.

No, I did not update last night. A new cartoon will go up tonight. I know that you are upset but think of Walter. He is very happy.

If the fact that I did not update last night really bothers you, please consider going to a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or other community that will help you find truth and meaning in a responsible way. A Perfect World might make you laugh or groan but anything deeper than that requires something greater than I could possibly offer. An Unitarian-Universalist church is a good place to start. Try it. It will make my cartoons seem a bit funnier without the expense and health problems associated with booze.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I walked 2,192 steps.

I'm going to send in my entry for the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

I have a surprise for Walter tomorrow. It is his birthday.

Goofy spam names:
Lieu D. Sweetness
Churchill S. Whom
Asphalting H. Assizes
Smites I. Misapprehensions
Ateliers I. Bug
Slaked O. Entrenchment

Sunday, November 14, 2004

What is wrong with this promotional notepad?

The sides of the pad say:
Aggressive Pursuit Of Opportunities
Loyal Client Partnerships
Passion To Be The Best
Leader In the Mid-Priced Lodging Market

The people responsible for this notepad felt it important to print, "Doing What It Takes" twice.
Apparently, doing what it takes does not include putting the name of the Mid-Priced Lodging anywhere on the promotional notepad. I'll have to ask the secretary that gave me this note where she got the notepad.

It could be one of those ultra-clever marketing gimmicks that is aimed at a demographic that I'm not a part of.

"Mid-Priced Lodging" covers a wide range of hotel chains. I need some kind of hint.

Yes, I did call my Dad. He's doing fine.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I walked 4,428 steps on Friday. This week I ran 41.92 miles, burned 4.713.7 calories and weigh 160.1 pounds.

I ran my 22 mile practice run in 4 hours and 44 minutes. That includes water breaks and traffic delays.

I might not be able to run in the Clydesdale class in Dallas. Oh well, there are worse things that can happen.

Goofy spam names:
Springs G. Bullpen
Highs L. Favorable
Fundamentalism B. Interactive
Transacts J. Briton
Horsepower C. Yoghurt
Fenian G. Substation

I ran 22 miles in 4 hours and 44 minutes!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I walked 1,262 steps. I got some more rub burns. I need lubrication.

Goofy spam names:
Determinations P. Released
Ferric G. Miskito

I'm not French.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I walked 800 steps. I also ran 9 miles and got some rub burns in some akward places.

Walter is still playing Halo 2. He did make it to bed at 11:30 last night. I don't know how late he is going to stay up tonight.

I like the greater independence between players in cooperative mode in Halo 2 compared to Halo.

Salvador's attachment to the toaster is becoming a bit worrisome. He is defending it much more agressively.

Goofy spam names:
Parlor M. Shortest
Sprain P. Spotters
Styles L. Fender
Paran C. Sirloin
Miocene R. Adze
Tavern D. Chokers

Halo 2 rocks! That is all.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I walked 1,563 steps. I played Halo 2 for two hours. I like Halo 2. Walter bought it for his birthday.

I'm going to bed. Walter is still playing.

Halo 2.

Monday, November 08, 2004

I walked approximately 1,335 steps. The pedometer reset itself.

At church yesterday, I asked if one through their actions could lose their inherent worth and dignity. The minister said no. Acts are seperate from individuals. I disagree. I think someone could commit an act so evil that it causes them to lose their worth and dignity. The caveat, no human is qualified to make the determination. We are qualified to judge the acts and prevent them from happening and we even pass judgement on the person committing the acts but only God is qualified to determine if that person has lost their worth. Loss also implies redemption.

Goofy spam names:
Gazers A. Deuteronomy
Arianism A. Missy
Straggles U. Attune
Siphoned O. Scaffolds
Barraging P. Arnulfo
Spyglass R. Handiness

Sunday, November 07, 2004

This week I ran 39.65 miles, burned 4.494.9 calories and weigh 162.4 pounds. So far this year I have ran 738 miles. Almost to El Paso, Texas.

I ran the 19 mile training run in 4 hours and 12 minutes. At 2 hours and 45 minutes I ran over 13.1 miles. That pace puts me on track for a 5 hour 30 minute marathon.

The next training run will be 22 miles. Then we start tapering down the distances.

Went to see The Incredibles. Great movie. After the movie went to Chuck E. Cheese. We were with friends with small children. The sandwich I had was good but the pizza was not. One of the safety features at Chuck E. Cheese is stamping each member of the family with the same number to prevent people from leaving with the wrong kids. I guess that eliminates Chuck E. Cheese as a location to get a kid upgrade. The personnel at Chuck E. Cheese did not check or note the number of kids one comes in with or whether or not you have them. Walter and I were able to leave without being questioned. The Chuck E. Cheese actually had a rope that prevented people from just leaving. There is more security at Chuck E. Cheese than at our nation's airports and ship ports.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the election at church was diffused by a bit of humor and wisdom from the minister, the worship committee and the caring committee. It was a very good service.

Goofy spam names:
Donahue J. Mitford
Onondaga C. Strife
Evaded O. Boleyn
Pose Q. Toot
Orbits B. Prompted
Stile V. Encrusting
Perusal P. Homepage
Catwalks V. Grammatical
Ledgered P. Admits
Rifleman G. Doc
Austrians C. Machinery
Underworld K. Maneuverability
Geek T. Forecastles
Penmanship O. Snagging
Inundation V. Prisoner
Wrongdoer Q. Achy
Jiffy I. McLuhan
Cropped D. Henson

Chuck E. Cheese - bad pizza, overstimulation, birth control

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I walked 3,956 steps. I'm feeling confident about this Saturday's run. I believe I can do it in 4 hours or less.

Goofy spam names of the day:
Maldive H. Foible
Close E. Midtown
Subverted P. Inhumanity
Bhavya Custard
Elates I. Outing
Puranjay Kitten
Shropshire I. Grogginess
Notation V. Reminders
Dab L. Bibliophiles
Adorably G. Debilities
Yokels H. Confirm
Electromagnetic M. May

I walked 1,867 steps yesterday. I had a great run last night. I ran 9 miles in just under 1 hour and 45 minutes. I was able to sustain a bit of a faster pace than usual. I'll try that pace for the 19 mile run on Saturday. It is amazing the difference that the temperature can make. The run last night did lift my spirits.

Today, it is cool and sunny. I like cool and sunny. I love the glorious colors of the sky and trees. The U.S. flag that flys within view of my office looks magestic against the backdrop of the glorious clear blue sky. This whole election thing will make the nation stronger and better. Maybe we'll get a viable Democratic party out of this or a more socially just third party that can appeal to people's moral values and their pocketbook. That would take a radical change in discourse and thought. The worst thing the Dems could do is to simply dismiss the people in the heartland as a bunch of idiots not worth trying to persuade.

Here is an essay I found interesting: It is good advice, the Democrats should try it.

I need to get the archives up to date. I've only changed the front cartoon because of busy evenings. It looks like this evening will be a bit more relaxing.

I wrote 2 good gags and 1 viable gag yesterday. I'll get back to drawing single panels on after Thanksgiving. I may have to go back sooner if the backlog runs out.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I take the time to record my boring thoughts on my boring blog and Blogger does not have the courtesy to save the post. How am I supossed to bore people to tears when Blogger does not work correctly?

I walked 1,997 steps yesterday.

I voted. I'm happy with the outcome of the congressional race. I'm not too personally invested in the outcome of the presidential election. I voted for Kerry but if Bush wins fairly, I won't be too upset. I disagree with Bush policies but I was never a Bush hater. I can still work on the issues that are important to me. I'm stealing myself for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I suppose I could look upon it with some amusement. The republic will not collapse.

I been feeling a bit blue lately. Part of it is the gray and cold weather, some of it is the post-election emotions - mine and others - mostly others really, some of it is lack of sleep.

I'm taking a brief break from drawing single panel cartoons to work on gags. I have a sufficient backlog so there will not be an interruption in the schedule. Lately, the gags have been very lame. I think I could write better ones without the pressure of producing a cartoon every day.

The cold and gray is good running weather. Maybe my run tonight will lift my spirits.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I walked 1,871 steps.

Walter posted my art on to his eBay store.

I hope to use the funds from the sales to pay for my trip to the Dallas Marathon.

Goofy spam names of the day:
Gupta G. Trustworthiness
Proposed E. Kneader
Librettist L. Lacerate
Showeriest V. Awarded
Grundy M. Congealing
Impudent Q. Fountainhead

Go vote.