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Friday, November 30, 2007

Radio M*A*S*H - Day Two

Today, orders were filled for about 900 children. The total count has increased slightly. There was a minor disaster overnight when the automatic sprinklers for the landscaping went off. A fair number of toys got soaked. Some were salvaged and others had to be thrown away. The National Guard soldiers brought towels and fans to dry things out.

An old man hand made these little rocking horses. Legacy EMS bought his entire stock.

Teachers from Johnson Elementary sorting and straightening things out. They also filled some orders, including their own school.
Soldiers from the Texas Army National Guard loading an order for an organization to distribute to the children on their list.

Filled orders awaiting pick up. The Bryan Bombshells, Johnson Elementary School teachers, students from Grimes County 4-H, a boys baseball team and others filled these orders.

Bicycle donations.
Cash donations.

Volunteers filling orders.

Children from Snook Elementary dropping off their toy and cash donations.

Some donations. No beer in the cooler - toys instead.

Wal-Mart and Toys R Us gave us good discounts on our purchases.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Day of Radio M*A*S*H

This year's count of children is 4,300. Below are some pictures from today. We filled orders for about 800 children today.Some of the toys straightened out after a major order filling.

Folks watching the Cowboys - Packers game on Dish TV (Donated by Starfire Satellite) and big screen TV (Donated by Sears). Because of issues between the cable companies and the NFL this game was not available for airing on cable or regular TV. The tents in the background are provided by the Texas Army National Guard.

A radio personality from KORA in the broadcast tent
Girl Scouts cleaning and sorting used toys.

Robert repairing electronic toys and making sure batteries are fresh.

Geordie LaForge and Data make an appearance at the toy drive. They are in Engineering.

Some more straightened out toys. Alpha Delta Zeta, who I failed to take pictures of, did a great job of filling the orders in the evening and straightening things out for tomorrow.

The sign. Yes, the weather was as gorgeous as that sky. Tomorrow, the high will be 70.

Just completed a shopping trip (cash donations are used to buy toys) and now are sorting toys into their age groups.
1/8 of 1 percent of the stuffed animals that we will receive over the weekend.

Members of the Bryan Noon Lions Club filling an order.

Elizabeth loading an order into a huge trailer. The orders stay there until the organizations come pick them up.

Radio M*A*S*H does accept gently used toys. Unfortunately, gently used is subject to various interpretations. The example below is not the most egregious misinterpretation of gently used but I think this contribution has made my top 20 from over 10 years of volunteering.

Elizabeth enjoying an executive rocking horse. A rocking horse built to support a full grown man. I've sat in it and it is very comfortable.
More volunteers enjoying the rocking horse.
Some donations belong in the WTF? category. A ceramic bobble head bison.

Toys bought Wednesday night to get this party started.

We often have a shortage of 14 - 16 year old girl things. We have a shortage on the boy's side as well but not quite as much. Ages 8 and up we usually have to purchase toys for on shopping trips; 7 and under can get by on toys brought in by individuals or groups.

By the end of Friday we hope to get at least half of the orders filled.

If you are in the Brazos Valley come by Post Oak Mall and check things out. If you are elsewhere check out Radio M*A*S*H on the web.