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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The New Reality

The site outage has become quite annoying. I look forward to a lovely afternoon on the phone trying to figure out the problem.
Attended my father-in-law's funeral yesterday. He is buried in the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. The cemetery is less than two years old. A lovely location nestled among hills. The site is also on the flight line of a small airport and adjacent to Ft. Hood. The would make Walt happy because he did not want to be buried in a place that was too quiet.

Aside from the family, my father, a woman from College Station ISD Transportation and a couple from church attended. The navy sent two people - one played Taps. The sailors folded and presented a US flag that was draped over the coffin.

Regarding the couple from church, I refuse to believe in a God that would condemn these two kind people to eternal damnation simply because they did not say or believe certain things. Going out of their way to support Walter in his time of grief has got to be worth more than just mouthing words and holding beliefs. I'm grateful to have these two people in my life.

It went as well as a funeral could go.

Now comes the time to take care of little details and learning to live in the new reality.

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uuMomma said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.