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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am invigorated by busywork

The job is not so bad right now. I'm working on an interesting project but since it is registration time my train of thought is often interrupted by phone calls. I feel like a character in Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut. (I made a reference to Kurt Vonnegut - I'm such an intellectual!) Just when a germ of an idea develops the phone rings.

Some helpful hints in calling for an appointment and thoughts that go through my head while talking to you:

  • Have your schedule in front of you before calling
  • Your mom sounds like a very lovely person but she is not doing you any favors by calling me to make your appointments. Your sister or girlfriend aren't either. How come I never talk to fathers, brothers or boyfriends?
  • How can you not know your current class schedule by now?
  • Talking on the phone is nerve wracking - I hate doing it myself - but I can recall my own name rather quickly despite the circumstances
  • Leave some identifying information in your e-mail - a real name preferably. I feel kind of silly addressing a response to Mr. rockthegoodag11 (not a real handle that I know of)
  • Our department has over 400 undergraduates, so no, I cannot guarantee a quick response from the advisor

About the account suspension and taking time off from exercise: I did not realize the amount of time in the evenings that I devoted to updating my website and exercise. I've been going to sleep earlier than usual. Maybe this account suspension was the break I needed but refused to take. I'm still quite interested in what caused the suspension and would like to get things back up. Someone actually expressed concern.

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