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Monday, November 05, 2007

Exercise Log

Last week I ran, walked and biked 26.09 miles, burned 2,831.1 calories and weigh 175.3 pounds.

Monday: ran 5.33 miles in 1:05:00
Tuesday: biked 4.02 miles in 20:00
Thursday: ran 5.63 miles in 1:05:00
Friday: walked 2.92 miles in 56:49
Saturday: ran 8.19 miles in 1:33:20

This week's plan:
Monday: 20 minutes on bike followed by calisthenics
Tuesday: 5 mile Tempo run - 3 miles at 10:39
Friday: 2 miles @ 12:16
Sunday: San Antonio Marathon - goal: less than 5:30:00. If I maintain a 12:16 pace I should finish in about 5:15:00. I have been able to maintain a faster pace for two hours quite easily.

This race will be the first marathon that I've trained for solo. I feel good about my prospects despite being at my heaviest in 3 years and two very disappointing long training runs. Also, there are some emotional issues to face later this week. I'm not sure how those will affect me. As long as the temperatures stay nice I have a good chance to make a personal record.

Not doing as much cross-training and running (outside of the race) this week because of meetings, travel and other events.

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jfield said...

Way to go. Good luck on your race.