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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pick up after your dog

Mary Worth follows the condo rules but completely ignores the local leash laws. Mary rules Charterstone and Santa Royale, leash laws do not apply to her. I bet she won't go out there and pick up after Chester.

Oh my God. I received a vision of the upcoming storyline! Mary Worth learns a painful lesson about picking up after your dog after a child of a Charterstone resident spends a month in a coma after the child injures his/her head after slipping on one of Chester's droppings that Mary neglected to pick up. See Mary wracked with guilt. See Mary give advice about cleaning up after your dog in the form of a sickening platitude. See Dr Jeff Cory's heroic doctor skills bring that child out of a coma. See Mary express so much self-satisfaction with her decision to force Dr. Cory to leave Vietnam that she explodes into a supernova of self-congratulation so powerful that it collapses in on itself and sucks all of Charterstone and Santa Royale into its black hole.

It would be funnier if all the residents of Charterstone stage an intervention to get Mary to pick up after her dog. All of them say in unison: "Mary, we are tired of slipping in dog shit!"

Hey, King Features! If Karen Moy has to leave please consider the above my resume.

What? Can we write comics that make sense?

Contents settle during shipping. Why did a man send this in?

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Anonymous said...

Chester's "droppings?" How precious. I mean, nobody likes to step in dogshit, but can't we at least call a turd a turd? Or if you must use a euphemism, how about something a little more creative? Like "lawn sausages" for instance?