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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ipower annoyances

Wow, it looks like my comment about Suddenlink got noticed. Thanks for paying attention and attempting to address the problem.

For the record, my comment about Suddenlink was more of a vent about my neglecting to tie up every single loose end and failure to contact every single entity that had my e-mail address when my e-mail was changed.

Now maybe a little bitching about Ipower might get the attention of someone from Ipower who can help me.

I went to the Ipower website and found that the address for abuse is different from the address given to me by technical support. So, I will, for a third time, send an e-mail to the abuse department, except I will use the address on the website.

Would an auto reply kill anyone? I've sent two e-mails (one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday). Is a quick auto reply saying that my messages were received and my problem will get addressed in a certain amount of time too much to ask? I did not receive any bounce back messages so who knows where my pleas are going?

It took three calls to technical support to find out that my account was suspended in the first place. 3 calls. The first two techs could not understand why I could not log in my control panel. The third tech made the discovery.

I was probably contacted via the e-mail address on file (which for technical reasons was changed) and no response was received. I have updated my files with Ipower.

I want to resolve whatever problem that caused my account suspension as soon as possible.

Until all this, Ipower's customer support has been quite good and service very reliable. I would like to stay with Ipower but as this drags on, I'm reconsidering.

I hope I find a message from (the address given to me by technical support) when I get home. It would make me feel better and get the ball rolling on getting back up. This whole thing has become quite frustrating.

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Toonhead said...

I'm home and no message. I have sent a third message. I might have to resort to using the fax number.