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Monday, November 26, 2007

Slow School

Mary cannot simply say that she now has a dog. No, this little misunderstanding will go on for three weeks just because Mary cannot say, "I have a dog." like a normal human. I wonder how poor Chester will deal with the constant dimensional shifting of his surroundings?

No, Dolly the slow is not a command but an adjective describing the type of school you attend. Thel could get rid of two of her children by speeding up and then hitting the brakes. She has an airbag, the children do not. The seat belts in the back seats are useless and go right across the little children's necks. Part of my psyche would take great joy in the sound of the Family Circus children's necks snapping and that kind of scares me. Perhaps observing this closely during meditation could yield some insights. Then again, it could serve as a reminder to stop putting so much psychic energy into trivial matters.

Desire is a cause of suffering and may I be free of the desire to see the Family Circus children die bloody, violent deaths - the comic strip children not the real people which the fictional children are based upon. [Holy crap! I really need to read more carefully before I publish! I do not desire the death of the real people either.] An unfulfilled desire can cause has much suffering as a fulfilled one. Satisfaction is fleeting but keeping that in mind I could enjoy the killing as long as I do not become attached to the joy and understand that the joy will only last that moment. I could be completely in that moment and then move to the next.

Hey, that's the other fat, orange cat's gag!

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Ms. Theologian said...

You're extra funny today!