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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pictures of Loki walking Isaac on a leash.

This week I ran 28.29 miles, burned 3433.3 miles and weigh 168.7 pounds. WooHoo!

Monday: 4.99 miles in 55:00
Wednesday: 4.13 miles in 45:00
Friday: 5.17 miles in 55:00
Saturday: 14 miles in 2:49:00

If I can maintain the Saturday pace during the whole Houston Marathon then I can finish in less than 5:30:00.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

For your viewing pleasure, extreme close-ups of the rash on my wrist.

I unsubscribed from the e-mail newsletter. Too much conspiracy theory and quackery.

If is to be believed the cure for my rash is to drink raw milk straight from the udder of a grass fed free range cow and tap on some energy meridians to get to the emotional root cause for my rash. Actually, if I followed his total health program I wouldn't have this rash in the first place. Now that I have it, I should shun all manner of pharmaceutical products because it only treats the symptoms not the cause.

The cause which is not contact with a plant in my backyard but too much sugar in my diet, cooked food, not enough high quality krill oil (It wasn't monsters from the Id that destroyed the original inhabitants of the Forbidden Planet but slaughter for diet supplements*) and unresolved emotional issues which can be resolved by tapping on my head, torso and sides of my hands.

I'm all for organic food and examining the influence of pharmaceutical companies on the FDA and other common sense health measures but too many times steps into the looney zone and uses some of the same tactics that the "evil marketing geniuses" of big pharmacy use in order to sell products. I can do with less BS in my life.

*Yeah, I know that the name of race on the Forbidden Planet was the Krell but I couldn't resist making a joke with an obscure reference. It is how my generation likes to communicate.

I have a rash on my left wrist. I experience a bit of discomfort when I bend my wrist back. The rash is a bunch of tiny blisters and my skin feels thick and leathery. There is swelling and I can watch the area change colors as it throbs. I think the tiny blisters are merging to form one giant blister. The rash has appeared on other parts of my arms, neck and back. Those are under control. Either scabs, dry skin or gone. I've stopped wearing a watch because it irritates my wrist. I have some prescription cortisone, over the counter cortisone and benadryl. The benadryl is mainly to make me too sedated to scratch the itch while I sleep.

The whole thing is gross but fascinating. The throbbing is almost hypnotic.

I'm definitely allergic to something that grows in the backyard. The rash appeared after I worked in the backyard with Walter in an effort to keep Isaac from jumping the fence.

Walter took some pictures of both Isaac and Loki. I need to edit them to crop out some elements. I will post the pictures soon.

Maybe I will take some photos of the rash. Might make a neat background or wallpaper. Just in time for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Local radio has descended into further depths of suck. Two of my car radio presets have changed formats. One is Spanish - not good Spanish music but Tejano shit. The other station switched to country. I'm very selective about the country music that I listen to. Most country stations do not play good music. Hooray for Pandora.

My car radio can pick up two stations out of Houston but on cloudy days the signal is weak or a Tejano station butts in on the frequency.

This morning, the radio gods were conspiring against me. I'm in my car for 60 minutes a day. There is no reason I should be subjected to crappy music and inane chatter during the brief times driving my car.

The morning people on radio stations are not funny. Local or nationally syndicated. You are not funny. I know not funny. Shut up and play some damn music that does not suck.

I know the whole radio thing is an annoyance that I've mentioned before. Sort of an annoyance theme. My other annoyance theme is my inability to find and purchase pants that fit me. I really hate skirts and dresses so the lack of pants that I (a) would like to wear and (b) fit, is a real annoyance.

I used to get pants at Lane Bryant but I've lost enough weight that their smallest size is too large for me. I also liked shopping at Lane Bryant because the sales people were less attractive than me. Right now you, the reader is looking at the profile photo, thinking, "Damn! there some ugly women working at Lane Bryant!" That photo was taken after finishing a marathon - not my best. I look pretty much like the photo except for neater hair, less sweat and a slightly less crazed smile.

All I want is a couple of pairs of chinos with pockets. No flared legs, no hip hugging waist, no capris or "cropped" legs, non-stretch pants, the legs that will not shorten by 3 inches after one wash, cotton or a cotton blend, zipper and button on the front, machine washable. I want to be able obtain these pants with minimal human contact and crappy music playing over the sound system. Oh, leave the kids at home.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This week I ran 24.49 miles, burned 2,959.3 calories and weigh 172.2 pounds.

Monday ran 4.45 miles in 50:00
Wednesday ran 3.14 miles in 35:00
Friday ran 4.60 miles in 50:00
Saturday ran 12.3 miles in 2:30:00

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you ever read the Dilbert Blog or any of Scott Adams' non-Dilbert writing then you know about his thoughts on affirmations.

Here is a link to a recent blog entry about this:

As an experiment I'm trying them. I working on two. Neither are physics defying impossible, like regrowing a limb (I have all my limbs). Both are attainable but not too easy.

One of the affirmations is the time in which I will finish the 2007 Chevron Houston Marathon. This one is measurable and the time goal is ambitious but not completely out of my reach. I'm writing that I will finish this marathon in 5:08:00. This will require maintaining a pace of between 12:01 min. pace per mile (5:15 finish) and 11:27 min. pace per mile (5:00 finish). I have run at those paces but for shorter distances. I will not alter my present training. Just use the affirmations. The 5:08:00 is an hour off my 2004 Houston Marathon time. I finished the 2006 Freescale in Austin in about 5:39.

When I registered for race I put my estimated completion time at 5:30:00. So, I'm a realist sometimes. I would rather start with the slower group than fall behind the faster group. I'll run this race the way I run all of them: keep moving until I get to the finish line. If it happens at 5:08 then hurray for affirmations - if not then only thing that would be different is my time. I still get the t-shirt, medal and other finishers' swag.

The other goal is longer term and not so easy to measure.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Last week I ran 20.97 miles and burned 2542.9 calories.
This week I ran 22.2 miles and burned 2322.6 calories and weigh 169.8 pounds.

October 2: 3.84 miles in 45:00
October 4: 3.02 miles in 35:00
October 6: 3.99 miles in 45:00
October 7: 10.12 miles in 2:08:00
October 10: 3.91 miles in 45:00
October 11: 3.08 miles in 35:00
October 13: 4.06 miles in 45:00
October 14: 11.15 miles in 2:13:00. This includes about 5 minutes of petting a cat. The cat fulfilled one of its purposes in life - to take away some dignity from a human. While I was bent down petting the cat, it jumped up on my back and made itself at home. I did not want to bend up for fear of having my backside clawed. It jumped off my back when another runner came around and saw me bent over with a cat on my back. What is the use of taking some dignity from a human if there is not another human to witness it?

I have a new foster dog. His name is Isaac. He is a 95 pound hound mix. Very calm. He is not ready for adoptions yet. He needs shots and neutering.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've made some new clip art but the last two evenings have been full so I only did minimum updates.

Sunday night was spent watching TV. Discovery Atlas and Adult Swim. Monday evening, I attended an Iftar dinner.

I tried to fast on Monday but was unsuccessful. I made it to noon. I had a headache so I ate my sandwich. That made the headache go away.

Islam's requirements are tough. I would make a poor Muslim. There is the no pork thing and the some of the reasons for the hijab bother me. It seems to me that if my uncovered head is such a distraction or temptation to a man then it is the man's problem to take to Allah to solve not mine to solve my covering my head. Making the other responsible for your happiness, virtue or problems is the first pillar of unhealthy relationships.

Islam has its good points. I'm just not ready to convert.

Peace be upon you. In Texan, Peace be upon ya'll.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No update last night because of a power outage. Read all about it here:

My power did not come back on until almost 2:00 am. Fortunately it was a cool night and Walter hooked up a little fan to a battery. Finished reading a very dated book about cartooning and read more of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Journey towards enlightenment while still alive so that you will recognize what is happening during journey in between physical death and Buddhahood. You really want get in on the transition to Buddhahood early because it gets quite scary after the 7th day that your physical body has died. The 12th day - you don't need to be wandering around for 12 days.

I believe in the existence of hell but not that it is any worse than the things that humans do to each other. The worst tortures are not always physical.

I don't believe that hell is an eternal state. Seems rather unjust.

The only thing that I am certain of in regards to the nature of God is that he/she/it has a sick, sick, sick sense of humor. It's not funny, anymore.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This week I ran 14.72 miles, burned 1808.4 calories and weigh 169.5 pounds. So far this year I have run 727.45 miles.

Monday: 3.75 miles in 45:00
Wednesday: 2.97 miles in 35:00
Saturday: 8 miles in 1:28:00

I had a fast Saturday. I was more recovered and there were some nice downhill stretches. It was a good run.

I identified the cause of my frustration with work. The contrast between the stagnation of my work-life and the growth in my personal life has become too much to ignore. I have some ideas about what to do about it.