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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Last week I ran 20.97 miles and burned 2542.9 calories.
This week I ran 22.2 miles and burned 2322.6 calories and weigh 169.8 pounds.

October 2: 3.84 miles in 45:00
October 4: 3.02 miles in 35:00
October 6: 3.99 miles in 45:00
October 7: 10.12 miles in 2:08:00
October 10: 3.91 miles in 45:00
October 11: 3.08 miles in 35:00
October 13: 4.06 miles in 45:00
October 14: 11.15 miles in 2:13:00. This includes about 5 minutes of petting a cat. The cat fulfilled one of its purposes in life - to take away some dignity from a human. While I was bent down petting the cat, it jumped up on my back and made itself at home. I did not want to bend up for fear of having my backside clawed. It jumped off my back when another runner came around and saw me bent over with a cat on my back. What is the use of taking some dignity from a human if there is not another human to witness it?

I have a new foster dog. His name is Isaac. He is a 95 pound hound mix. Very calm. He is not ready for adoptions yet. He needs shots and neutering.

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