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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I unsubscribed from the e-mail newsletter. Too much conspiracy theory and quackery.

If is to be believed the cure for my rash is to drink raw milk straight from the udder of a grass fed free range cow and tap on some energy meridians to get to the emotional root cause for my rash. Actually, if I followed his total health program I wouldn't have this rash in the first place. Now that I have it, I should shun all manner of pharmaceutical products because it only treats the symptoms not the cause.

The cause which is not contact with a plant in my backyard but too much sugar in my diet, cooked food, not enough high quality krill oil (It wasn't monsters from the Id that destroyed the original inhabitants of the Forbidden Planet but slaughter for diet supplements*) and unresolved emotional issues which can be resolved by tapping on my head, torso and sides of my hands.

I'm all for organic food and examining the influence of pharmaceutical companies on the FDA and other common sense health measures but too many times steps into the looney zone and uses some of the same tactics that the "evil marketing geniuses" of big pharmacy use in order to sell products. I can do with less BS in my life.

*Yeah, I know that the name of race on the Forbidden Planet was the Krell but I couldn't resist making a joke with an obscure reference. It is how my generation likes to communicate.

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