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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Local radio has descended into further depths of suck. Two of my car radio presets have changed formats. One is Spanish - not good Spanish music but Tejano shit. The other station switched to country. I'm very selective about the country music that I listen to. Most country stations do not play good music. Hooray for Pandora.

My car radio can pick up two stations out of Houston but on cloudy days the signal is weak or a Tejano station butts in on the frequency.

This morning, the radio gods were conspiring against me. I'm in my car for 60 minutes a day. There is no reason I should be subjected to crappy music and inane chatter during the brief times driving my car.

The morning people on radio stations are not funny. Local or nationally syndicated. You are not funny. I know not funny. Shut up and play some damn music that does not suck.

I know the whole radio thing is an annoyance that I've mentioned before. Sort of an annoyance theme. My other annoyance theme is my inability to find and purchase pants that fit me. I really hate skirts and dresses so the lack of pants that I (a) would like to wear and (b) fit, is a real annoyance.

I used to get pants at Lane Bryant but I've lost enough weight that their smallest size is too large for me. I also liked shopping at Lane Bryant because the sales people were less attractive than me. Right now you, the reader is looking at the profile photo, thinking, "Damn! there some ugly women working at Lane Bryant!" That photo was taken after finishing a marathon - not my best. I look pretty much like the photo except for neater hair, less sweat and a slightly less crazed smile.

All I want is a couple of pairs of chinos with pockets. No flared legs, no hip hugging waist, no capris or "cropped" legs, non-stretch pants, the legs that will not shorten by 3 inches after one wash, cotton or a cotton blend, zipper and button on the front, machine washable. I want to be able obtain these pants with minimal human contact and crappy music playing over the sound system. Oh, leave the kids at home.


Anonymous said...

Get an XM Radio...
I only listen local when the Aggie game is on.

Lucie said...

Hey Linda,
It's nice to read your blog. Check out LL Bean for chinos - but be sure to check the charts as their sizes are really different!

Too bad about the radio, get satellite! Here in OK, my DH wants satellite in the car as all we get on the radio is worn-out, 70's rock...and worn-out 70's jokes...

Your cartoon today is amazing BTW - musta been quite a moment!