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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No update last night because of a power outage. Read all about it here:

My power did not come back on until almost 2:00 am. Fortunately it was a cool night and Walter hooked up a little fan to a battery. Finished reading a very dated book about cartooning and read more of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Journey towards enlightenment while still alive so that you will recognize what is happening during journey in between physical death and Buddhahood. You really want get in on the transition to Buddhahood early because it gets quite scary after the 7th day that your physical body has died. The 12th day - you don't need to be wandering around for 12 days.

I believe in the existence of hell but not that it is any worse than the things that humans do to each other. The worst tortures are not always physical.

I don't believe that hell is an eternal state. Seems rather unjust.

The only thing that I am certain of in regards to the nature of God is that he/she/it has a sick, sick, sick sense of humor. It's not funny, anymore.

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