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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have a rash on my left wrist. I experience a bit of discomfort when I bend my wrist back. The rash is a bunch of tiny blisters and my skin feels thick and leathery. There is swelling and I can watch the area change colors as it throbs. I think the tiny blisters are merging to form one giant blister. The rash has appeared on other parts of my arms, neck and back. Those are under control. Either scabs, dry skin or gone. I've stopped wearing a watch because it irritates my wrist. I have some prescription cortisone, over the counter cortisone and benadryl. The benadryl is mainly to make me too sedated to scratch the itch while I sleep.

The whole thing is gross but fascinating. The throbbing is almost hypnotic.

I'm definitely allergic to something that grows in the backyard. The rash appeared after I worked in the backyard with Walter in an effort to keep Isaac from jumping the fence.

Walter took some pictures of both Isaac and Loki. I need to edit them to crop out some elements. I will post the pictures soon.

Maybe I will take some photos of the rash. Might make a neat background or wallpaper. Just in time for Halloween.

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