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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've made some new clip art but the last two evenings have been full so I only did minimum updates.

Sunday night was spent watching TV. Discovery Atlas and Adult Swim. Monday evening, I attended an Iftar dinner.

I tried to fast on Monday but was unsuccessful. I made it to noon. I had a headache so I ate my sandwich. That made the headache go away.

Islam's requirements are tough. I would make a poor Muslim. There is the no pork thing and the some of the reasons for the hijab bother me. It seems to me that if my uncovered head is such a distraction or temptation to a man then it is the man's problem to take to Allah to solve not mine to solve my covering my head. Making the other responsible for your happiness, virtue or problems is the first pillar of unhealthy relationships.

Islam has its good points. I'm just not ready to convert.

Peace be upon you. In Texan, Peace be upon ya'll.

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