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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I just finished the first day of volunteering at Radio MASH Radio MASH is a 100 hour toy drive benefiting the children of Bryan/ College Station and the surrounding area. We have 3,278 children that need toys. So far 628 children have toy orders filled. All 3,278 children will get a toy. The drive accepts new and gently used toys, cash, checks and donations online via PayPal. The PayPal link is at

Information about the toy drive can also be found there as well as pictures.

It was a cold one today. It did not freeze but it still was freakin' cold. Loki and Isaac stayed inside most of the day. Very little destruction was wrought despite two big dogs being left unattended in the house. One fridge magnet and one videotape was destroyed.

Isaac made it to his temp foster's house. He will have lots of other dogs to play with. Loki will spend part of the day with me at Radio MASH - day two.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I've had the urge to say that all day. Not just say it but to say it like Ricardo Monteblan. No reason. I cannot think of a scenario where quoting that bit of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan would make sense.

I could have called my husband and just shouted that but he is at work and his superiors expect him to work during work hours. My superiors are a bit more flexible about that. One of the reasons I don't just quit to find something more fulfilling.


SuddenLink, my ISP, is down. Or at least my home is not getting any service. So no new cartoon. I'll update tonight if the problem is solved.

Tomorrow Radio MASH starts and the temperatures are predicted to go from 70 degrees to 29 degrees in less than 24 hours. A cold front is coming. The roads may ice because of rain. Texans do not do snow or ice well. Texans know this and stay off the road if possible. The transplanted midwesterners make fun of Texans for our inability to drive in icy conditions. The roads become littered with the vehicles of transplanted midwesterners who claim they can drive in icy conditions. It provides entertaining footage for the Texans at home watching TV. That and watching a midwesterner break a sweat after getting a bit of medium salsa on the tongue. OH MY GOD, WHAT'S IN THIS STUFF! A TOMATO?

Thank you transplanted midwesterners for the entertainment and providing a market for mild salsa.

Texans provide entertainment for people from India whenever we taste a bit of their spicy food. I know what it is like to fart fire.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I like eBay. One of the greatest things ever invented. eBay is responsible for a substational portion of family income. eBay is also responsible for a minor annoyance.

Walter and I go to garage sales to find bargains, interesting things and to make fun of people's stuff. Some of the stuff does end up on eBay.

Lately, this conversation has occurred often:

Me: Will you take $X for this?
Seller: No, I can get more than that on eBay!
Me (thinking): Well, then fucking put it on eBay!

If I wanted to pay eBay prices then I would have gone on eBay. It would have saved me the bother of talking to you. Granted, I'm probably going to turn around and sell it on eBay but if you want eBay prices then put it on eBay yourself. Of course, eBay is a gamble whereas I have the cash right now and will haul off the item. No dealing with feedback, shipping, packing and checks clearing. Cash in exchange for item going away. But no, you just have to have eBay value. Well, then get off your lazy ass and fucking put it on eBay yourself. You don't know how? For a percentage of the final sale I'll put it on eBay for you. What? You want all the money? I guess you're screwed. Not only are you not getting my money but you won't get the eBay money because you are too lazy and/or stupid to post a damn auction. The burden of being you must be unbearable.

I visited and found is available. I think I will purchase the domain, build a site that links to eBay and print business cards with "Well, then fucking put it on eBay" and the url on them.

Would it be overkill to label this post eBay?

Monday, November 27, 2006

This week I ran 33.14 miles, burned 3,849.9 calories and weigh 168.5 pounds.

Monday: 6.02 miles in 65:00
Tuesday: 4.17 miles in 45:00
Wednesday: 5.95 miles in 65:00
Saturday: 17 miles in 3:33:00

Odd running schedule but it was the Thanksgiving holiday. I got some needed rest. Meditation on Sunday was especially helpful. It helped put my mind to rest. Time with Walter was also helpful. It finished what the meditation started.

Next week will be another odd running schedule because of the Radio MASH toy drive. Volunteering at that event is equivalent to a 20 mile run. I'm looking forward to it.

I will post cartoons only three days this week.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I was a bit lazy last night. I did not update. Watched the Comedians of Comedy movie and then went to bed. I also ran after work.

Today, is a half day. I'll update when I get home. I will run some more.

Pickles will be visiting this weekend. 3 dogs.

Eat, sleep draw, run, web - that is my life.

My job does not suck so much.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Everybody get a little closer to each other!

This week I ran 25.85 miles, burned 3043.3 calories and weigh 167.8 pounds.

Monday : 5.79 miles in 65:00
Friday: 6.06 miles in 65:00
Saturday: 14 miles in 2:52:00

If I can keep up the pace I ran on Saturday throughout the entire marathon I should finish in less than 5:30:00.

I lifted weights on Tuesday. I spent Wednesday at home babysitting the dogs but did take them to the park - probably walked 3.5 miles. Thursday celebrated Walter's birthday.

My legs are a bit sore from running the 14 mile run after slacking off because of the cold. Then Saturday night, I danced. It was a party celebrating my church's 50th anniversary. You can read about it here: I was even quoted. It was a great party and the Sunday service was nice. I had a bit of trouble with the welcoming but everything happened mostly as planned and no one was scarred for life.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lately, I've had the urge to do a few push ups. This urge never hits at an appropriate time and place but at the office or at home. I just continue what I'm doing until the urge passes. I don't know what triggers this urge.

Yesterday, Walter celebrated his birthday. We went to Chili's and I ate too much. I gave him the first season of Robot Chicken on DVD. The set also came with a ViewMaster viewer and 5 reels. Walter collects ViewMasters.

Isaac slept all night outside his kennel. We all got a better night's sleep because of it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The repairmen put the fence back up and cleaned up the backyard. They will come back in a month or two to level things out once the ground settles. 8 feet of our sewer pipe was replaced. The clay pipe had collapsed. Everyone with the city was nice and very efficient. Great work guys!

I took Loki and Isaac to Lick Creek Park and let them run off leash for a short while. They scared me when they ran out of sight but both of them came back to me. I put them back on leash when they came back and praised them for coming back.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The FTP problem resolved itself. I posted the update that was for Monday night.

I will continue the process of moving my site to a new server. Unfortunately, my host wants the last four digits of the credit card they have on file. I don't remember which card they have on file.

I'm at home babysitting the dogs and the house. The city is repairing the sewer line. Yesterday, they repaired it enough for us to shower and use the toilet. Today, the repair crew is in my backyard with a backhoe. They tore down part of the fence to get the backhoe in there.

Rather than just letting the dogs out, I have to walk them on leashes for them to do their business. Isaac and Loki walk well together on two different leashes.

The repair crew is doing a great job and I appreciate their response and efficiency. The city crew called the gas and phone companies so that the gas and phone lines can be marked. The gas company came out yesterday and the phone company came early this morning.

I'm not sure if the city puts the fence back up or not.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I tried to update my website last night but I cannot get my host to accept my new files. I'm not sure if the problem is with Ipower or FTP Commander.

I've sent a request to Ipower to have my account moved to one of their other servers with an up to date control panel. This will require uploading my entire website. This could take hours or days depending on how much this new thing allows me to upload at one time.

I like to use the control panel as a back up in case FTP fails. Maybe I can FTP everything to the new server. That would be nice and a bit faster since my website is rather large.

Our sewer backed up and Walter is trying to clear it up. Isaac is still jumping the fence. I hate to keep him in the kennel for 12 hours a day.

Life just keeps getting better.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I did not run much last week. I've been fighting a cold. I think I will be over this by Monday. I feel pretty good. All I have now is an hourly coughing fit. That does not affect my running too much.

I rode a bike on Monday for 5.51 miles and then Wednesday walked and ran with Loki for 2.48 miles. I weigh 169 pounds.

I rested Friday. That did a lot of good. I also skipped running today.

I should be back into it next week. I got a couple of good long runs ahead of me. I know I can finish this marathon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is Isaac at my office. He could not resist the sedative qualities of the sunbeam. Today, he is at the vet getting neutered.

Loki will get some extra attention when I come home. He was quite upset about Isaac riding in the car while he had to stay at home.

If you want to adopt Isaac or any of his other cat or dog buddies check out

Rick Perry will remain the best coifed governor in the United States despite about 60% of the voters in Texas voting for someone else. The joy of a 4 way race. Chet Edwards, my congressman, retained his seat. The people of South Dakota voted against the abortion ban in their state.

Walter called to tell me about the Rumsfeld resignation. Nobody at Texas A&M saw that coming. Dr. Gates will be hard to replace. It does not affect my day to day job but I did like the direction Dr. Gates was taking the university and most of the initiatives are well underway and funded. The rest of the team will be staying on.

Change, the most exciting and frightening word in the English language.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This week I ran 15.91 miles, burned 2013.2 calories and weigh 168 pounds.

Monday: 5.83 miles in 65:00
Wednesday: 4.14 miles in 45:00
Friday: 5.94 miles in 65:00

So far this year: 839.31 miles, 99,514 calories

I skipped the Saturday training run because I caught the cold that Walter had all last week. Unlike his, mine skipped the sinus and went to the chest. So far, Zicam and Echinacea along with orange juice has helped. I bought some Nyquil day and night cough relief. The night formula has 10% alcohol. Good stuff. It is a bit difficult to type right now.

I hope to be well enough to handle the 18 mile training run next Saturday. I will be taking it easy on the other practice runs until this passes.

I love Nyquil.