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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SuddenLink, my ISP, is down. Or at least my home is not getting any service. So no new cartoon. I'll update tonight if the problem is solved.

Tomorrow Radio MASH starts and the temperatures are predicted to go from 70 degrees to 29 degrees in less than 24 hours. A cold front is coming. The roads may ice because of rain. Texans do not do snow or ice well. Texans know this and stay off the road if possible. The transplanted midwesterners make fun of Texans for our inability to drive in icy conditions. The roads become littered with the vehicles of transplanted midwesterners who claim they can drive in icy conditions. It provides entertaining footage for the Texans at home watching TV. That and watching a midwesterner break a sweat after getting a bit of medium salsa on the tongue. OH MY GOD, WHAT'S IN THIS STUFF! A TOMATO?

Thank you transplanted midwesterners for the entertainment and providing a market for mild salsa.

Texans provide entertainment for people from India whenever we taste a bit of their spicy food. I know what it is like to fart fire.

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