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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The FTP problem resolved itself. I posted the update that was for Monday night.

I will continue the process of moving my site to a new server. Unfortunately, my host wants the last four digits of the credit card they have on file. I don't remember which card they have on file.

I'm at home babysitting the dogs and the house. The city is repairing the sewer line. Yesterday, they repaired it enough for us to shower and use the toilet. Today, the repair crew is in my backyard with a backhoe. They tore down part of the fence to get the backhoe in there.

Rather than just letting the dogs out, I have to walk them on leashes for them to do their business. Isaac and Loki walk well together on two different leashes.

The repair crew is doing a great job and I appreciate their response and efficiency. The city crew called the gas and phone companies so that the gas and phone lines can be marked. The gas company came out yesterday and the phone company came early this morning.

I'm not sure if the city puts the fence back up or not.

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