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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I like eBay. One of the greatest things ever invented. eBay is responsible for a substational portion of family income. eBay is also responsible for a minor annoyance.

Walter and I go to garage sales to find bargains, interesting things and to make fun of people's stuff. Some of the stuff does end up on eBay.

Lately, this conversation has occurred often:

Me: Will you take $X for this?
Seller: No, I can get more than that on eBay!
Me (thinking): Well, then fucking put it on eBay!

If I wanted to pay eBay prices then I would have gone on eBay. It would have saved me the bother of talking to you. Granted, I'm probably going to turn around and sell it on eBay but if you want eBay prices then put it on eBay yourself. Of course, eBay is a gamble whereas I have the cash right now and will haul off the item. No dealing with feedback, shipping, packing and checks clearing. Cash in exchange for item going away. But no, you just have to have eBay value. Well, then get off your lazy ass and fucking put it on eBay yourself. You don't know how? For a percentage of the final sale I'll put it on eBay for you. What? You want all the money? I guess you're screwed. Not only are you not getting my money but you won't get the eBay money because you are too lazy and/or stupid to post a damn auction. The burden of being you must be unbearable.

I visited and found is available. I think I will purchase the domain, build a site that links to eBay and print business cards with "Well, then fucking put it on eBay" and the url on them.

Would it be overkill to label this post eBay?


Biddy said...

Completely agree with you - people in Britain are just as bad! And you should DEFINITELY get the cards :-D

P.Hill said...

Great post made me lol.