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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is Isaac at my office. He could not resist the sedative qualities of the sunbeam. Today, he is at the vet getting neutered.

Loki will get some extra attention when I come home. He was quite upset about Isaac riding in the car while he had to stay at home.

If you want to adopt Isaac or any of his other cat or dog buddies check out

Rick Perry will remain the best coifed governor in the United States despite about 60% of the voters in Texas voting for someone else. The joy of a 4 way race. Chet Edwards, my congressman, retained his seat. The people of South Dakota voted against the abortion ban in their state.

Walter called to tell me about the Rumsfeld resignation. Nobody at Texas A&M saw that coming. Dr. Gates will be hard to replace. It does not affect my day to day job but I did like the direction Dr. Gates was taking the university and most of the initiatives are well underway and funded. The rest of the team will be staying on.

Change, the most exciting and frightening word in the English language.

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