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Sunday, November 19, 2006

This week I ran 25.85 miles, burned 3043.3 calories and weigh 167.8 pounds.

Monday : 5.79 miles in 65:00
Friday: 6.06 miles in 65:00
Saturday: 14 miles in 2:52:00

If I can keep up the pace I ran on Saturday throughout the entire marathon I should finish in less than 5:30:00.

I lifted weights on Tuesday. I spent Wednesday at home babysitting the dogs but did take them to the park - probably walked 3.5 miles. Thursday celebrated Walter's birthday.

My legs are a bit sore from running the 14 mile run after slacking off because of the cold. Then Saturday night, I danced. It was a party celebrating my church's 50th anniversary. You can read about it here: I was even quoted. It was a great party and the Sunday service was nice. I had a bit of trouble with the welcoming but everything happened mostly as planned and no one was scarred for life.

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