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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In lieu of a cartoon

Recommended reading: 4 Things Politicians Will Never Understand About Poor People

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Yes, I have been behind in posting new cartoons. I am behind in writing, drawing, scanning, coloring and posting.

The above Cracked article has nothing to do with this post, it is a good article. It, along with the rest of Cracked, does play a tiny role in the reasons I am behind on my own content creation.

If procrastination were my full time occupation, I would have to find a way to put off doing the work.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Up all night

Recommended reading:


As usual I was awake for several hours in the middle of night. Thoughts were floating around in my head. Some of the thoughts were about comedy and being a comedian - hence the recommended reading. Might make me be a better comedy writer, certainly a better audience member.

I tried something novel, instead of tossing and turning and kicking Walter, I wrote. Cradled a flashlight on my chest (Tits, what can't they do?) and wrote stuff down. I haven't seen what I wrote in the light of day and you  will probably not see it either except in its refined form or as a cartoon.

I am not a comedian, been a wanna be comedian for 30 years but not taken any steps toward that goal. I try to play with my desire to be funny through cartoons, sometimes through twitter. But thoughts of doing comedy keep me up in the small hours of the morning at least once a week. 

I can at least write and maybe that will make you laugh. Easier to deal with hecklers.

Don't be a heckler. If you want to be in the show, then get your ass on stage.