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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday's Cartoon

Another non-gag. Not really a cartoon. The season was affecting me along with some news. Sort of looks like Martian Manhunter but he does not have a nose.

I'm on hold with Ipower technical support in an attempt to resolve my inability to access my files. My files are on an old platform that very few customers still use. So far the results of attempts to solve the problem lead me to a page with the message that says:

"Your Account Is Not Yet on the New Platform

You are trying to access something that is only available on the new hosting platform. For more information, or to manage your account on the original platform, visit the Transition Kiosk."

I'm told that things will be much easier once my site is on the new platform. I would have more patience with this transition if I were informed of when my site will transfer.

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