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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New word to add to my vocabulary

Whoa, Billy! Turn the arrogance down a notch!

Thank you Bucky Catt for the new word - annoypid. Annoypid: annoying and stupid. I love it! Annoypid is such a perfect word for what my work week has been like so far. The annoypid students have attempted to turn their lack of planning into my emergency this week. I refuse to deny students the wisdom gained from experience. Consider it part of the "other education."

I can now update my regular website. Cannot do it in the most efficient way but I can do it. This is a huge relief. I will try FTP tonight but at least there is a working method as a back up.

I will not update on Sunday because of Radio M*A*S*H and the minister's installation. That day I will work at the toy drive, go home, clean up, attend installation and then go back to the toy drive, finish up and then go home and go to bed - hopefully at a reasonable hour.

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