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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back from San Antonio

I finished the San Antonio Marathon. I did not finish in the time I wanted but I got the medal and the shirt. The heat and humidity started slowing me down around mile 13 and then a cramp around my right knee forced me to mostly walk between miles 18 and 23.

The volunteers for this race were great and I appreciated the massage therapists for sticking around so long after the race. Other marathons they usually bug out in 5 hours so I never got an opportunity to receive a massage. The massage was worth it because it gave me the strength to walk to Denny's for a post race meal and then to the hotel.

Walter and I had a wonderful time in San Antonio.

I decided to do half marathons for a while. Start out with stand alone halves so I don't feel like such a wimp running among full marathoners.

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