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Monday, January 15, 2007

Texas A&M is closed tomorrow because of icy conditions. There is ice on the trees.

I'm still a little sore from the race but I can move like a normal person instead of like "The Old Man" that Tim Conway used to play on the Carol Burnett Show.

The 2007 Chevron Houston Marathon was my best race so far. Made a personal record and according to my graphic results ran my fastest pace between miles 13 and 18. Ran the first 10K a bit slow but picked up the pace after that. I felt good most of the way. Had a scary moment with one of my knees while running down an underpass toward mile 24 but it passed. Pushed a bit harder starting at mile 25 and then picked it up a bit more when a spectator told me that I was 3 minutes from the finish. I did not do the .2 sprint. Too tired.

I was great seeing a large crowd cheering me on as I ran toward the finish. Houston puts on a great race and the spectators are there until the end cheering on every last runner. If you have a chance to run the half or full marathon in Houston, do it. Some people waiting for a car at the hotel cheered for me when I got out of my car wearing my medal. The Houston marathon has been voted as the marathon with the friendliest spectators by Runner's World. That is important when you are not very speedy. I'm grateful to all the people who cheered me on and to my husband for his support.

At the Expo on Saturday, I bought a new sports bra at the Under Armor booth. I've used other Under Armor products before and they have performed very well. I was looking at the bras and I noticed the tags on one rack said "D Support". D Support? A company is acknowledging the existence of women with tits who like to participate in high impact sports? Wow.

I tried one on and it fit very well in the dressing room. Did a bit of jogging in place and it seemed to work well so I bought it. I talked to the sales girl a bit. Thanked her for selling this bra. She mentioned that it was the best selling item at the Expo. It seems that Under Armor discovered a demand for high impact sports bras for women with substantial breasts and decided to make a product.

I ran the marathon wearing this bra and it performed great. I put on my usual layer of Body Glide on my skin. I did not feel the bra, I did not hear flesh slap together, did not feel my tits bouncing all over and when I took off the bra when I got back to my hotel, the only marks on my skin were the usual marks from just wearing clothes that go away after an hour. Not a single burn or blister. My regular bras couldn't do that even with lots of Body Glide. This Under Armor bra worked great during some extreme high impact conditions - 5 and a half hours of running on pavement. Now that this product is available it will save some wear and tear on my other bras.

I did not have any serious injuries - just an odd blister on my middle right toe.

My next race is the First Annual Armadillo Dash - a half marathon in College Station on March 4. I'm going to try to run a bit faster than my marathon pace and finish this in 2 and an half hours or less.

Right now, Loki is producing enough gas to power a city block.

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