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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Party Photos

My brother and sister threw a great party for me. My sister did a lot of work and it was a great party. Thanks!
I ate my own head later.

Hot flash fund. I wore the t-shirt in Best Buy when I bought my laptop. I took off the button.

The photo that appeared on the cake. I was 18 months old.
Photos can be printed on the frosting and it is edible. Living in the twenty-first century is so exciting.

More pictures are available for friends and family at Walter's Flickr photostream


Robin Edgar said...

Happy Belated 40th? Birthday* Toonhead!

The WVC was aertha so I ran a search on Eartha Kitt and birthday and YouTube and the rest is herstory as they say. . . :-)

Robin Edgar said...

*in* YouTube that is

Toonhead said...

Thank you Robin. Now I want cha cha heels.

Robin Edgar said...

I thought you might!