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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Burn out.

This week I've only done a minimum of church related stuff. I had the time but I chose to do other things. I've done a minimum of work related stuff as well. The other things I've chosen to do are quite trivial. Play games, watch a bit of YouTube, random web surfing.

I still haven't written an article for the church newsletter. I hope it goes to print without me. At the moment there are other things that I would rather do. This for example.

Ramadan started Sunday, September 24. According to sources on the internet, Osama Bin Laden will launch his latest offensive, an American Hiroshima - nuke 10 U.S. cities with dirty bombs. Materials to make these bombs were smuggled across the Mexican border. This offensive will allegedly take place during Ramadan (September 24 - October 23).

A Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency, a psychiatrist, has all this information on his website. Nothing scarier than a paranoid psychiatrist.

Relevant links for your amusement: and and

I need to get away for a while. Not because of the above silliness but just to recharge my batteries, make a decision or two and move forward with some plans. Mainly to recharge.

Crap still needs to be done whether or not I feel like doing it. I should learn to do it with enthusiasm. Fuck that. I'll reserve my enthusiasm for something I care about.

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