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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can this week move any slower? It probably could but I don't want to find out. The students are gone, most of the faculty is gone and I wonder what the heck I'm doing here.

I have been scanning surveys and binging on sweets. I could clean my desk but I would rather do that when I get back next year. At least there is a nice week off.

I think Isaac is a cat in a giant dog suit. He behaves like a cat most of the time. I am fostering a 100 pound cat. He only behaves as a dog when it comes to going on the leash and feeding time. I'm going to increase Isaac's food the rest of this week and next week. He is looking real thin. If he doesn't gain any weight then I will have the vet check him out.

Pickles will be staying with us over the holidays. My father-in-law will be watching all the dogs Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I'm really looking forward to the days off between Christmas and New Year's Day. That will probably go quickly.

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