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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've been forced to use the Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel to increase the size of the words on my e-mails and websites. I'm getting old or I need to change my contact lenses.

Tomorrow I make merry with my co-workers. Usually, the whole thing is not too painful but it serves as a reminder as to why I am paid to be with these people. No really, they are nice people but I'm not into the whole socializing thing. At least socializing that is not on my terms.

I know, how self-centered to expect that all social activities occur on my terms. Hey, put a nice face on and soldier through it. Sometimes, I even enjoy it.

It's an INFP (or on some Meyers-Briggs tests - ISTJ) thing. The only thing definitive thing from these MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) I've taken is the I. Everything else tends to be about even. One test I scored 100% in the I. The I stands for "I @#$%! hate people". No, it stands for Introvert. My opposite/ arch enemy is E - Extrovert. In the United States the E outnumber the I - 65% to 35%.

I'm told the world needs people of my type. I wonder if I really need the world. Somebody has to deal with these people. Better them than me.

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