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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Walked 8,867 steps/ 6.65 kilometers.

Damn, my FTP connection is running slow. I've made tea, talked to my father-in-law, took out my contacts and the darn thing is still uploading. All connections have been slow tonight. High speed, indeed.

Goofy spam names and Zen koans:
alison Linda
Agar Hashemi ra be Ahmadinejad tarjih midahid:
That reply do effendi grandfather
by know so formica
Confidential fashion store nautilus

I received this e-mail from a clueless person:
I have a Lady Kenmore Heavy Duty Dryer and the plastic vent that stores the lint is broken. Can I order a replacement part?

I only have a website mocking the 1971 Sears Catalog. I know it is number 2 on Google but upon visiting the website it should be very clear that I do not sell Sears products.

My damn file still isn't finished uploading!

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