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Saturday, August 27, 2005

This week I ran 17.63 miles, burned 2,187 calories and weigh 163.2 pounds. I think my father-in-law broke the scale. My increased consumption of Dairy Queen Blizzards have nothing to do with my weight gain.

Monday - 5K - 34:50
Wednesday - 4 miles - 48:43
Friday - 5K - 33:42
Saturday - 6.3 miles - 1:00:29. That time includes traffic stops.

I miscalulated distance and turned around at the wrong place. I was attempting to run 7 miles. I ran in the late morning again. It did not affect me like last week but my performance is extremely compromised by the heat. I will not run before 10:00 am until it becomes cooler. I had every intention of getting out of bed this morning and running but it did not work out. If I can't get my butt out of bed maybe I should wait until after 6:00pm to run. That would make things a bit difficult for the extremely long runs but hopefully the weather will be cooler by the time I get to those.

Friday I walked 9,380 steps/ 7.03 kilometers.

Lola was well behaved at adoption today. She is a great dog and is a great ambassador for all Pit Bulls. With some training she would make a great therapy dog.

I'm going to a church board retreat tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

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