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Monday, August 29, 2005

Walked 9,619 steps/ 7.21 kilometers

Today was the first day of class. I got to work early because I thought there was an 8:00 am class in my classroom. There is brand new equipment in the classroom but it was not fully functioning until about 5:00 pm. The new equipment looks cool and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

It was a busy day.

I miscalculated my marathon training time. I am four weeks behind schedule. I'll be increasing my long runs a bit more quickly to compensate.

This week's book:
It's Science With Dr. Radium (Dr. Radium Collection Series)
It's Science With Dr. Radium (Dr. Radium Collection Series)

I was reading the customer reviews of Star Trek Titan: Taking Wing at the Barnes and Noble website. There were two reviewers that objected to the presence of gay characters in the book. Actually, only one strongly objected the other one cannot spell very well or really believes that there is no place for "guy characters in Star Trek". Isn't homophobic Trekkie a bit of an oxymoron? How can anyone watch 5 different Star Trek TV series, 9 movies, read countless novels and comic books and miss the central point of tolerance and appreciation for those who are different?

Homophobic Trekkie - now that is irony.

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