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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Walked 5,881 steps/ 4.41 kilometers yesterday.

Moderated a rather lengthy meeting last night. It ended a bit earlier than scheduled. A lot of information was shared at this meeting. I hope the participants found it useful.

Finished a large copy job. I was feeling rather grumpy about the whole thing because it took three days and created a bit of frustration because of time and equipment malfunctions. Nothing is in optimal working order after running three hours straight.

Anyway, I count it as a blessing (not because I deserve it for any particular reason - just lucky) that I have a home and a job and a city. A natural disaster on the order of Katrina certainly puts things in perspective. My concerns are quite petty in comparison.

Here is a blog from a NO resident
I know him from a newsgroup that I spent too much time in.

The son and his family of a couple whose house I'm watching will be taking refuge in the house. They do not know if their home still exists.

I'm not sure how I would handle having my life disrupted for several weeks.

The fundies are blaming it on the gays. The anti-abortion people are blaming it on the number of abortion clinics in New Orleans and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is blaming Haley Barbour's role in convincing President Bush to not sign the Kyoto Protocol for the amount of damage Mississippi received.

This has been all over the internet:
White people find, black people loot.

Thoughts and prayers to the people suffering through this.

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