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Saturday, December 27, 2008

About time

About time that I wrote a post. I'm enjoying extended time off. Visited family. Gave and received.


A joy since my last entry:
My aunt and uncle moved back into their house, the damage from Hurricane Ike finally repaired.

Too many deaths. Always too many deaths.


I did manage something that I thought too overwhelming - cleaning out the bedroom closet. I let go of a lot of things. Discovered that a substantial portion of my wardrobe was acquired through either blood or sweat (race t-shirts and blood donation t-shirts). I did place two race shirts in a place for later use - they had holes that should have placed them in the toss pile but they are marathon t-shirts. There is a company that will make a quilt out of your race t-shirts. I'm saving those two for a day that I have enough old shirts to make a decent sized quilt. I violated a major rule in organizing by keeping those two shirts but maybe one of those organizing book authors might amend that rule after running a marathon.


Today, I discovered that I can wear a size 6 jean. While Walter returned something to electronics, I took some time to shop for some jeans. I needed some help in finding something that was not boot cut. I don't like boot cut.

I was told that the brand I tried on ran large but I never expected a 6 to be the size that would fit. I bought two pairs. So now all the pants I own range from sizes 6 to 14. There is something seriously wrong with women's apparel sizing.

I am more than my pants size (especially since that number varies) but damn, saying I wear a size 6 feels good.

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