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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What happened just now?

Lynn fainted.

I find Karen Moy's ham-handed attempt to paint Frank Griffin as an uncaring ogre quite humorous. Frank is a dick but at least he does not hide it behind a facade of niceness, unlike certain old biddies with a penchant for hideous tops.

I thought this was a practice session. I guess I missed something during Thanksgiving.

Competitive standing - a sport I could get into. Competitive standing would have been more exciting to watch than the football games on Thanksgiving day. ESPN Sports Center had a poll about whether other NFL teams should host Thanksgiving day games. I don't watch NFL often so it would be nice to see an interesting game but on the other hand, a lot people in Texas would have to interact with their families if the Cowboys did not play. That could be quite a threat in a state where at least one family member has ready access to firearms.

The Jonas Brothers played during the halftime show of the Dallas - Seattle game. I did not know that prepubescent girls were a target market of interest to the NFL. Talk about a huge demographic shift of an audience during a single program. I went outside during halftime.

I will be working at Radio MASH this weekend, so I will update myself on the interests of prepubescent girls. Gag.

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