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Friday, July 08, 2005

Another photo of Brenna:

Smile for the camera!

Walked 9,231 steps/ 6.42 kilometers Thursday, walked 13,347 steps/ 10.01 kilometers today.

I don't care about Naomi Judd.

Goofy spam names and Zen Koans:
The wait an nation
you hurt jail rolling
how came Chester is acting that way
damp sake
gloss cast
Is leave do inspire sporadic
croupier dumpty
Is can go salesman often
Get in before it takes on

Somebody is offering, via e-mail, free horny young lesbians. Free lesbians are not as free as advertised. There is food, water, shelter, health care, time and the expense of doing the responsible thing - spaying. Don't want to contribute to the lesbian over population problem. They are cute when they are young but lesbian ownership is a lifetime committment. Someday that lesbian will not be so horny or young. Will you still love your lesbian once the cuteness wears off? One should think about these things before answering that ad for free horny young lesbians.

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