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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Thursday I walked 7,076 steps/ 5.30 kilometers. Friday I walked 14,419 steps/ 10.31 kilometers.

This week I ran 16.44 miles, burned 2,038.9 calories and weigh 160.7 pounds. So far this year I have run 369.18 miles and burned 45,929.6 calories.

Brenna is doing well. She tested negative for heartworms and got her Frontline and de-worming and other treatments. I will have to make an appointment for rabies and spaying. She did okay at puppy class.

Goofy spam names and Zen koans:
do sleep so illustrative libretto
And sleep is yogi
I worry the render
It think is general
Pogo B. Caloric
durer Linda soap
her explain go glare exogamy

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