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Monday, February 20, 2006

I came in 4,304th place in the Freescale Austin Marathon with a time of 5:46:53! I placed 37th in the Marathon Filly class (women weighing 140+ pounds) and placed 26th among women less than 39 years old in that same class.

Age: 36
Sex: F
Chip Time: 5:46:53
Clock Time: 5:46:53
Overal Place: 4304 (with 484 finishers behind me)
Sex Place: 37 (overall women 1610 with 312 behind me)
Age Place: 26 (with 6 behind me - this is Filly division)
Total Pace: 13:14/M
10K (6.2 miles) Rank: 4445
10K Time:1:25:34
10K Pace: 13:47/M
Halfway Rank (13.1 miles): 4450
Halfway Time: 2:52:37
Halfway Pace: 13:11/M (I finally found a Port-o-Potty without a long line at mile 12.5. I picked up a bit of speed after emptying my bladder.)
30K (18.6 miles) Rank: 4334
30K Time: 4:02:06
30K Pace: 13:01/M
35K (21.7 miles) Rank: 4180
35K Time: 4:44:17
35K Pace: 13:04/M
Finish Rank: 4304
Finish Time: 5:46:53
Finish Pace: 13:14/M (7.3 kph or 4.5 mph)

Ran 4.75 mph for 6.9 miles; 4.78 mph for 5.53 miles; 4.42 mph for 3.11 miles; 4.29 mph for 4.47 miles.

It was cold (29F at the start - 35F at finish). I was wearing some nice cold weather running gear (Under Armor) so I was not miserable as long as I kept moving, even broke a sweat. After I got off the bus that took me back to the finish line then I really felt the cold. Fortunately, Walter had the nice warm car waiting for me.

Thorlos makes some great socks. The race had to be delayed because of ice and to allow gravel to be laid on the route. When I took off my shoes, after I made it to the hotel, several tiny pieces of gravel were in my shoe but my feet were undamaged and I did not feel the gravel.

Congratulations to everyone who finished the race.

There will be a cartoon update tonight. No more skulls.

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