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Saturday, February 25, 2006

This week I ran 26.2 miles, burned 2,770 calories and weigh 161.8 pounds. My calf finally stopped hurting. Next week, I'm back in the gym but I won't be training as hard. I'll ease back into the intense training.

It looks like my race results have been altered a bit. It is showing a faster pace through two of the splits. Eventually, my chip time will get corrected. The people attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon are first priority. I would have qualified for the Boston Marathon if I was an 85 years old.

I hope that there is another Marathons of Texas challenge next season. I think I would like to attempt to complete Dallas White Rock, Chevron Houston and Freescale Austin in one season. I did not get a look at the jacket that people who completed the three marathons received this season. It better be a nice one.

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