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Sunday, February 05, 2006

This week I ran 22.65 miles, burned 2,645 calories and weigh 161.3 pounds.

Tuesday - 5K, 29:10
Wednesday - 5 miles, 54:18
Thursday - 5K, 32:05
Saturday - 10.6 miles, 2:19:00

On Saturday I ran among crazy people. Members of my marathon training group decided to head to Huntsville State Park and run on the trails. The Rocky Raccoon 50 and 100 mile race was going on at the same time. The race director let us run on part of the trails with the racers. I did not get to talk to that many runners but I did see a deer. A doe ran across the trail about 20 feet in front of me. The trails were a nice change of pace and it was a gorgeous day. Required more focus because of all the tree roots and other rough patches of terrain. I even thought about entering an ultra- marathon trail race. This only proves that insanity is contagious.

The run was kind of a zen experience because I did not know how far I've been running and it was just the sounds of nature and my footfalls for most of the run. I was just enjoying the movement. On one part of the trail I felt like I was flying.

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