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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I could not remain silent any longer. This whole Mohammed cartoon thing has gotten way out of hand. Muslims have the right to protest peacefully and even boycott products but death threats, guns, harassing random Scandinavians and grenades is a bit over the top. Four people were killed in Afghanistan over these stupid cartoons.

Now an Iranian newspaper wants to have a holocaust cartoon contest to see what kind of outrage it would produce. Let me save some time, it will produce nothing because the whole world will see through the childish ploy or there will be protests - peaceful protests and boycotts. No embassies stormed by gunmen, no grenades thrown at embassies, no Iranian workers or vacationers threatened and nobody getting killed in riots. Peaceful protest.

There are Muslim voices speaking out against the stupid violence but more need to be added. Surely, 1 billion Muslims can drown out the voices and acts of stupidity, hatred and violence that has infected their faith.

I've read about boycotts (which is an acceptable form of peaceful protest) but I have not read of any Muslim country returning any of the foreign aid that Denmark generously gives (2,037 million US dollars/ 0.85% of GNP in 2004 - to developing countries (Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt are among the top 10 recipients of foreign aid) around the world.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that a few simple cartoons would have been so effective at bringing all of the angry young muslims onto main street where the authorities can take their photos. Its a gift to those who are trying to prevent terroism...they now have photos of many potential terroists.

Muslim said...

The pictures were ridiculous.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion.

The prophet peace be upon him is dear to us. And as Muslims, we aren't allowed to meant to draw pictures of other prophets e.g. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and we are not allowed to disrespect other religions.

Toonhead said...

Actually, freedom of speech does cover ideas offensive to others. It covers insults - not libel or slander. It also allows for peaceful protest against the offensive ideas. That is why "hate" groups can exist in the United States - their ideas are offensive and stupid but they are allowed to have them and disseminate them within certain boundaries.

People in free societies are allowed to respect or disrespect anyone's religion. They have the responsibility not to cross the line into violence or inciting violence against believers. People in free societies can also peacefully protest against those who disrespect their religion (product boycotts, words, tourism boycotts, sit-ins, teach-ins) and hope that those who disrespect will see the error of their ways but not have to live in fear for their lives.

The pictures were ridiculous but the violent protests against them were even more ridiculous.

After seeing the kitsch festooned with the images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I think the forbidding of icons/ images depicting prophets is one of Islam's better tenets.

Owning a plastic Jesus shaped night light does not diminish my respect for his teachings and example.

The power of the prophet's (peace be upon him) teachings cannot be diminished by the acts of mere mortal cartoonists. All the silly pictures in the world cannot diminish God or his prophets.

muslim, I appreciate your constructive and peaceful criticism. I will have to read more of your blog before US Homeland Security locks me up (that's a joke - I hope it remains so).

Rain said...

Very good cartoon... And I do agree, freedom of speech does cover being offensive... And unfortunately people do so enjoy being offensive...

It is like God giving us free will, he (she?) did it in an all or nothing way, hence, we as a species are free to do whatever we want, unlike any other sentient or living creature on this planet. The way we reproduce as a species, is a prime example of free will.

I studied Religions in University, what actually divides us is much less than what unites us, but the phrase that was coined by the Romans says so well: Divide And Conquer

How well we do that...

Anyway, I am a lesbian and I have had the most offensive, rude, horrible things said to me and I have been beaten up for it, I have been fired for it, etc., insults to my person that would have been considered mortal offences in another time have been committed. But I do not go and perpetuate the violence and thus give life to the insult, rather I defy the expectations and make it harder for those who would label me to get their labels to stick.

That is just a little example or something, but in many ways it is comparable, as sexuality is as integral to a person as anything else...

The story of the Three Monkeys fits this situation of the 'Offensive Cartoons' very well... Contrary to popular belief, they do not represent seeing no evil, hearing no evil or speaking no evil, rather the story talks of something else entirely.

The Three Monkeys represent wise men, who witnessed something to horrible, that to give it voice, they would have spread its horror throughout the land and thus would have destroyed the world. So they made a pact not to spread its terribleness further... There comes a point, where a more sinister and evil purpose is served by constantly rubbing salt into wounds and picking at scabs achieves...

Anyway, very good Cartoon you drew, Toonhead... (Sorry to use your handle, I can't read your name off the 'toon and your name escapes me right now...)