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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In early January I took a small leap. Unfit's ( creator is looking for a new artist. Mike Belkin and Scott Adams went with an open audition approach. Redraw an Unfit strip in your own style. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, posted the audition rules on his blog. I took some time away from A Perfect World and submitted a comic strip. That is my excuse for the clip art skull cartoons that have been appearing lately. I also fell behind for other reasons. The skulls were a quick way for me to regain some lead time.

You can see all the submissions here: or here: I'm artist #34. The site includes links to the artists' websites so you have an opportunity to see many comics and perhaps expand your comic horizons.

If you visit the site you can find out my real name (as if it is not published in several other venues all over the internet). I married into the last name so it is unlikely that I am related to you or anyone else you know. My husband is not related to Richard Causey (Enron accountant). Corrupt accountant is better than pedophile serial killer (a serial killer who is a pedophile not a serial killer that targets pedophiles) for adding notoriety to an uncommon last name but certainly not first prize. I share my maiden name with a mattress company, rock star, actress and a hyperactive exercise guru.

Belkin has a lot of talent to choose from. My art has not stood out enough to merit comment on the dilbertblog, so far. Judging my own work against others, I think I fall in the upper downward slope of the bell curve - the part just before the free fall (roller coaster metaphor). I feel okay about that. I have accepted the fact that there will always be better artists and writers but I know that I can at least run with them. I'm grateful for the opportunity to audition. Even if I don't get chosen, the comments and seeing art side by side will provide some pointers in improving my art.

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