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Monday, June 19, 2006

Brilliant! I did all the updates in FrontPage and then forgot to upload. Oops.

I upload via FTP rather than using FrontPage's publish function. I experience fewer bugs and with a site as large as mine things update faster. I use FrontPage for the auto thumbnail feature and navigation bars. I can do a bit of coding to tweak things.

This is what happens when I do updates very late at night. I was also making purchase and download buttons for my clip art. Now some of my clip art is available in other file formats and can be purchased and downloaded instantly. This feature will become available as soon as I get home and actually upload the updates.

It looks like something was in the air yesterday. It affected me, Phil Mickelson and the Dallas Mavericks. I guess the Mavericks really like playing basketball because it looks like they are going to play all 7 games in the series with the Miami Heat.

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