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Friday, June 09, 2006

Things have been screwy with Blogger so I am reposting this.

Sometimes my job is fun. One of the faculty that I support is writing a book about rattlesnake roundups in Texas. He has done research about this before. I scanned some slides.

I found this picture amusing. The tiara, big hair, heavy make-up, blood stained lab coat combination is funny. "Miss Snake Charmer" was required to skin a rattlesnake in front of an audience. It looks like first runner up assisted. The slide was dated 1991.

The Miss America pagaent needs to include a skinning event. It might boost ratings. I might watch if I did not have anything better to do, like clip my toenails.

Now you know why Miss Texas usually wins the Miss America title or at least finishes in the top 10. She has to display unusual skills while competing in the lower level pageants. By the time she competes in Miss America she has developed more conventional talents.

Once you skin a rattlesnake while wearing a tiara everything else is easy.

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