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Saturday, June 17, 2006

This week I ran 23.93 miles, burned 2,723.2 calories and weigh 168.2 pounds.

Monday ran 4.51 miles in 1:05:00
Wednesday ran 5K in 37:01
Friday ran 6.17 miles in 1:05:00
Saturday morning ran 2.75 miles in 31:00
Saturday evening ran 7.06 miles in 1:28:00

I intended to run the 7 miles Saturday morning but a storm cut things short.

According to I ran the 2.75 miles at a 11:16 mile pace (5.32 mph) and ran the 7.06 at a 12:28 mile pace (4.81 mph).

You can check out my running routes at is a very useful site for runners and walkers. Not only can you map a run but there is also a tool to calculate stats such as average pace, average speed and calories burned.

You can look at the maps of other runners in your area. The tool works in conjunction with Google Maps.

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