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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I was at a retreat Sunday and Monday. It was fun, productive and much needed.

Got out of bed at 5:45 am this morning and I'm not struggling to stay awake. Hurray for small miracles.

Because of the retreat I have a half gallon of Blue Bell Buttered Pecan ice cream that I have to dispose of. In the interests of the starving children in Africa I must eat this ice cream myself. It's what Jesus would do.

This week's list - Why I hate clothes shopping

  1. Collared shirts without sleeves. These damn things are on the racks. Clothing should not go on the rack until it is finished. Sewing sleeves on cannot be any more difficult than adding a collar. The sleeveless shirts do not keep anyone cooler than a short sleeved shirt.
  2. Capris. I @#$#%! hate capris and their variants - cropped pants, extra long shorts. I have a hard enough time finding pants with long enough legs without @#$%! capris lurking on the shelves and racks pretending to be legitimate pants. Want to be cool in the summer - try shorts.
  3. I'm not a plumber, carpenter or refridgerator repair man. I can't wait until this low-cut crap goes out of fashion. I live in the United States - the low-cut look is not hot on 70% of the women in this country - yet clothing manufacturers make these things in sizes that would accommodate that 70%. Certain clothing should not be made in certain sizes.
  4. Would it kill fashion designers to put real sizes on clothes? Waist, Hip, Inseam. 3 little numbers. No, I have to try on everything. It's amazing that a size 12 in one brand fits just as well as a size 16 in another. Look at the amazing shape shifting woman!
  5. Shouldn't a higher size number on a pair of pants have longer legs than the lower number? In my world the legs should get longer as the size number increases but that does not happen in the world I'm forced to shop in - things only get wider.
I would enjoy clothes shopping a bit more if I did not have such a crappy attitude and stores stopped selling ugly, ill-fitting garments.

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