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Friday, August 18, 2006

The special board meeting went well. We had a quorum. Even had a board member vote from the hospital. The potential minister is excited. I'm waiting on paperwork.

The gag well has been running a bit dry lately. I can come up with many funny things but nothing that translates into cartoon form very well. For example, Dolly Parton singing the opening song from the Sound of Music. Cartoons are a visual medium and this Dolly Parton thing is an audio gag.

Dolly Parton has recorded a lot of music. I bet she has tackled Rogers and Hammerstein. I'll have to search my MP3 service.

Loki is coming back. Walter and I are going to adopt him. He needs a real permanent home. I'll be glad to see him again.

Salvador's flight feathers have grown back so he is back to his old self.

This gag writing slump has gone on too long.

Speaking of writing, I need to write an article for the church newsletter, welcome packet, welcome web page and search packet. There is a lot of writing involved in the board president job. Also, I still need to talk to some more people about church stuff.

"Church stuff" is a term I use when it is inappropriate, in a publicly available blog, to go into detail. I write about church stuff here mostly for my benefit but also for the benefit of anyone curious about the inner workings of an UU church. There is the words we share with the public and there is how we really act. In the case of my church the words match the deeds 90% of the time. It could be higher but my church welcomes imperfect people. Some of these imperfect people get elected as Board President. Maybe these writings will benefit anyone thinking about taking on a leadership position in their church.

Right now, things are a bit heavy on the church front but so far, as a whole, this Board President experience has been rewarding. The load will lighten when some of the more pressing church stuff is taken care of. I can't afford to bribe everyone with dessert. I hope someone says yes.

I saw the new chalice early and I look forward to heaping praise on the Finance Committee at an appreciation dinner for them.

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Rain said...

Yay, I am glad you adopting Loki, I had a feeling a while ago that he was the dog for you...and yes, dogs really do need a home that does not change...too much...